Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Dance Tonight - Paul McCartney

Happy New Year Everyone! :-)


  1. YEEEAAAHHHH, let's dannncceeee he he he he he...

    Had a peaceful and loving New Year. Hope yours was WONDERFUL, as well, M!

    Anyway, not sure if you're interested in doing this meme or not, but go check it out, will you? ;-D

    New Year's Resolution or Not

  2. Hi Amel. We had a lovely evening. Watched a movie and then two music shows on TV. They actually had Paul McCartney play that song live and sing along with Kylie Minogue. It was great. :-)

    This meme sounds nice. I think I still owe you and ChocMint girl each one tag/meme already. I must check back and see.

  3. Ahhh...glad to hear that! ;-D It's always nicer to just stay home and spend time with your loved ones and relaxxxxxx he he he he he...

    No hurry about the memes, though. Just take your time he he he...;-D

  4. Happy New Year, Michelle! ;-)

    I hope you dance through 2008, never missing a beat. Nice video!

  5. I certainly want to dance around tonight :)
    Happy New Year Michelle.

    PS: Your tree is beautiful.

  6. Hi, Michelle! It's fun watching the video clip he he...No worries about the meme, though.

    Happy New Year 2008 to you and family!!! :)

  7. Nice video. Happy New Year!

  8. hi michelle,
    happy new year and all the best for 08

  9. GET WELL SOON, M! I've missed your beautiful writings he he he he...;-D



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