Sunday, 12 June 2011

Having a Blast


I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I posted! wow... :-| My hands and feet are swelling up a lot - water retention. I go for more blood tests in 10 days time. The only thing that helps the pain and swelling is keeping all my joints straight - elbows, knees, etc. So... I'm not doing much of anything. My shoes don't fit = no going out and even holding a book to read hurts.

Slow and boring is the theme of this month so far! But I do have about an hour or so before bent joints go numb and hurt, so I've been busy doing artwork on the computer. :-) It takes less finger movement to use a mouse than typing and it's fun. When you're sore and fed up you need fun. ;-)

This week I had a real "blast" creating some badges for Mimi's BlogBlast for Peace 2011. I'm putting them all up in this post and they are designed to take, use and share.

You can see them on her Peace Globe Gallery, along with some other gorgeous designs by other Peace Bloggers.

BlogBlast for Peace is now an "official" (legal) name and has it's own Facebook page.

It just keeps growing and growing. Bravo Mimi - you are an inspiration. :-)

..and you can be an inspiration too! Join us on Nov 4th, ~ on blogs, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.



  1. Oh dear...sounds painful indeed when you can't bend your joints for long. Anyway, I TRULY hope the docs find out what's going on with you.

    My other friend Michelle has got health problems as well and she was in a lot of pain until finally yesterday they found out what went wrong with her (several things), but at least now they know what to do.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the Peace Globe you've created. My fave is the rainbowwww and the kittenssss...

  2. Thanks Amel. I am really sorry to hear your friend Michelle has been sick like that. :-( I hope she gets better now they know her problems.

    PS... the kittens are my favourite too. ;-)

  3. I hope you are feeling better. Miss your writing when you are away. Your peace banners are nice !

  4. Thanks Jacqui :-)

    I'm getting really bored here myself - everything I do is slow and clumsy. Hopefully they'll get it sorted once all the blood test results are in. The doc has a few ideas, but needs proof before she can give me the right medical treatment. Here's hoping it's the simple to fix hunches!

    Thanks for the kind comments.

  5. Beautiful artwork. I placed one of your badges on my blog: I'm new to BlogBlast for Peace...looking forward to doing it this year.

    Sorry to hear about your health problems. Best wishes for a fast recovery!




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