Friday, 17 June 2011

Seeing Beauty

With beauty may I walk...

Years ago I read a book on Art where the author pointed out that what makes an artist great is not their ability to paint or draw, but their ability to SEE. It's not enough to have the skill (or the equipment, in the case of photography) - you have to have the ability to really look. This week I was reminded of someone who sees clearly and he is going to be my first post in my "Walk in Beauty" series, because...

To truthfully show beauty you first have to see it clearly.

Since my hands and fingers started to play up I've been reading websites and doing artwork more than typing. One of my favourite places to find shared photos I can use for art is - and one of my favourite photographers there is called 'hotblack' (real name Scott Liddell). I've used some of Scott's photos for my YouTube videos, especially his scenery and skies. This one below I've used behind the girl's face (Daen) in the video for my book, 'First Light.'

but I often go look at his pictures just to enjoy seeing beauty through his eyes...

All day long may I walk

Through the returning seasons may I walk

With dew about my feet may I walk

With beauty before me may I walk

With beauty behind me may I walk

With beauty above me may I walk

With beauty all around me may I walk

It is finished in Beauty

Side note: If you think those photos (shared by Scott Liddell on morguefile) are great - go look at Scott's own photography website where he keeps all his work. Gorgeous photos! He has a very interesting blog as well and... he's recently written a book! You can find his new novel, 'The Beetle Man', on Amazon or on his website here.



  1. BREATHTAKING photos, M! THANKS for sharing!

    They really caught my eyes and I just had to stop and admire the details. What a feast for the eye! :-D

    Hoping and praying still that the docs find out what's wrong with youuuuu...

  2. Amel
    his photos are wonderful, aren't they? Go look at his website when you have time to just sit and enjoy. :-)

    And ((thank you)) for the get well wishes. x

    ditto what I said to Amel above. :-D



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