Monday, 3 October 2011

Show me your Shops!

I was browsing a friend's blog, Kerry of the Jade Gryphon's Tavern. I reached his post on photos of shops from around the world and recognised one from Edinburgh instantly. The rest were all strange and "exotic" to me. That got me thinking... when I first arrived here every Scottish shop seemed exotic and it was similar for my husband when he came to Africa and saw typical African shops.

So, here is my challenge, my meme, if you will:

show me your shops!
1. Show me where you buy your everyday goods - groceries, etc.

2. Show me your unique shops - the ones special to your area or country.

3. Show me your quaint or quirky - the shops that are one of a kind.

Here are my choices (click on photos for bigger views):

1. Yes, This is a post office, but it also sells some very nice baked goods and it has some lovely cards and gifts crammed into that small space too. Plus there's the window for local messages/adverts and the bus stop.

2. A Kilt shop - can't get more Scottish than that!

3. For Quirky I'm picking a true gem - a shop of Automata. No idea what that means? Go check their website here. You will be enchanted!

Editing to add in participants:
#1. Dawn with some brilliant shop fronts.


  1. Okay, might take me a week (maybe) but shall take you shopping, we might have to stop for a cuppa though!

    Loved yours, made me all homesick for lovely South Yorkshire :((((

  2. Neat to see, Michelle! You're right they do look quite different from what we have here. :-)

  3. It may take awhile but I'll see what I can come up with :)

    You're shops are lovely!

  4. Great idea, Michelle, to take us to your very Scottish shops.

    Personally, I hate shopping, but Eire is full of quirky shops.

    I love the Automata shop & website. A good business with so many people collecting and buying antiques, and old fashioned mechanical treasures.
    Plus his skills must be quite unique in the country.

    I'm glad you liked my sunflower.

    Hope you keeping well?

  5. I may not get to it right away, but I'll work on it.

    LOVE taht Automata shop!! I want to go to there.

  6. Hello from Singapore! Thanks Michelle, for the birthday wishes :-)

  7. Interesting photos and link about the Automata shop. :-D I've never seen/heard anything like that before in my life he he...

  8. Gemel

    The South African writer, Laurens van der Post, said that in travelling he found he had many little "souls" that connected deeply to different places. For him it was an African soul, Japanese and Swiss Alps. I liked that idea and I think it's as if our souls are able to fragment - so we leave a little bit of ourselves, calling back to us, from every place we love.

    I'd love to see some American shops. pleading smile... :-D

    Hi Dawn
    When/if you do, just let me know, ok? My brain is fluff lately.

    Hi Yoke
    I don't like shopping either. I really hate supermarkets and shopping malls are all the same - boring and LOUD.

    I'm doing ok. Some days are bad, but you keep going and nature helps. There's always something outside the window to make me smile - like our blackbird who is a clown!:-) Hope you're doing well too. x


    I'd read about automata, but never seen any. They are wonderful, aren't they? Now... somew photos of Finland shops, please!!! :-D

  9. done... finally!

  10. Ugh...Finland shops, eh? Here in Sodankylä there are not really many choices for shops ha ha ha's been raining so I haven't taken many pics, but we'll see what I can do later hmmm...maybe dig out old photos? HE HE...



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