Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Ancient Wildness

The thing I love about the Highland wildlife park is that you feel like you're stepping back through time, since most of the animals there are rare or endangered species that once roamed Scotland or Eurasia thousands of years ago. Some of them look like they just stepped out of a cave painting...

Bison in Altamira Cave, Spain.

The European Bison we photographed at the Park...


 Wild horse on the cave wall at Lascaus, France...


Prezwalkski's Wild Horse at the Park...

 Giant prehistoric deer at Lascaus cave...

Huge Forest Reindeer at the park...


  1. Wow! I remember studying those cave painting in Art History. It's nice to see them come to life! Beautiful pictures:)

  2. What she said !! Loved it!

  3. LOVE the combination of the cave paintings versus the animal photos. :-D

  4. Thanks my friends :-)

    Moe to come of the Russian tigers and the Scottish wild cats. I just need to tidy some of the photos light and contrast. They were both kept in areas under forest cover = a bit dark.

    For me the best part of art at school was art history. :-)



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