Thursday, 25 April 2013

Book Writing Update

A quick update to that that I'm kind of on chapter 16 at this stage, "kind of" because I've realised I don't write in chronological order. With my first book I had written two chapters out in pencil in a notebook years before I actually wrote the book. They were the first chapter and the climax chapter, roughly chapter 20.

I thought I'd start at the beginning and work till the end his time, but once again I seem to work better if I get the main sections sorted first and then fill in the rest. It's a bit like flower arranging, I think. I put in all the large important features and then fill in with the minor stuff.

As you might guess by that vague description... I rarely arrange flowers! I far prefer to tweak and arrange words.

At the moment I'm managing to write between 1,800 and 2,800 words a day, which is good.  I stick on some music and I'm away. I write a lot better (and faster) if I have the right music to inspire me, it sets my fingers on fire. I have entire YouTube folders for
themes like; sad, tense, dramatic and romantic.


The only problem is that when I write that much in a day any energy for writing anything else - emails, blogs, etc, is used up and dried up. My "must reply" email list is alarming and growing. Household chores are suffering as well. I have not dusted in... a long time, but I simply can't do it all and at this stage the book has taken over my brain to such an extent that I'm not much use for anything anyway. Yesterday I left rice in water on the stove for 20 minutes and never turned it on.... ah well, at least I didn't put rice on a hot plate without water - that would have been worse!

At least my brain's on fire... not the house.

I'll leave you with the music I'll be writing to today. It's Citadels, by Galt Aureus. I'm also using another lovely song by them, for ...well, you'll have to wait for me to finish the book to find out about that one.  ;-)


  1. INTERESTING to find out how you write a book he he...I find that listening to music distracts me from doing anything much (except exercising LOL!!!), esp. if I love the music and I want to sing along with the singer(s)!!!!

    Even when I was at school, I could never study with background music. Couldn't even sleep while listening to music - it only made it harder for me to fall asleep. Same goes for writing/reading. Light reading with background music is OK, but still I can concentrate better without it. Dunno why I'm "wired" this way, though I'm curious if there are people out there like me, too. :-)

    Btw, how's the sand???

  2. Glad to hear you are "on fire" to write. Burn, Baby, Burn !

  3. Amel

    I am like that when I study. At school if I listened to music i'd remember (or end up writing) the lyrics!

    I still usually listen tomusic without lyrics, but if the emotions in the music are intense enough I disconnect from the lyrics and it's like background music to a scene in a movie... playing in my head!

    The sand is slowly being removed. Sandy (perfect name! ;-) ) has vacuumed and cleaned the kitchen and dining area so far. It's slow work, because everything is covered in sand dust, even he curtain rails.

    Hi Den

    LOL Thanks for the cheerleader rally cry. :))

  4. If you write with music, see if a distraction free editor like Ommwriter will help.

    Much of what I try to write is often cross referenced and so a full screen editor is of less use. But yes - there is a good space for distraction free editors and Ommwriter is useful.

  5. Being consumed by your writing is a WONDERFUL thing! Your muse deserves first priority. You can dust any time. Trust your muse!

  6. Excellent! Keep on writing! :o)

    Not so much here. I'm stuck on plot. My characters keep taking it in their own hands and I have to make it work! LOL

  7. V Sridhar

    Thank you for the suggestions and advice. Ommwriter sounds very interesting! I'm going to go Google it right now.

    Hi Em

    On the consumed on fire days it is truly exhilerating beyond anything. On bad days... :-\ :-x LOL

    Thanks for being my one man (woman) pep talk team.

    Hi Betty

    Yes, I've had some of those moments myself. First book I set out like a military campaign. I had a short precis for each chapter before I started writing. This time I have an ending and several key moments and in between the characters are surprising me, but then I kind of like it when they do. ;-)

    It's not easy motivating yourself, I know! I use whatever fires the inspiration, which for me is usually music. I think I'm secretly more a film director than an author. LOL

  8. Don't begrudge the muse. It is a gift. Unwrap it, baby! Let us read you.

  9. LOL

    Mimi... soon... very soon

    (which in book terms is probably a few months, but feels like flying on this end!)



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