Monday, 10 June 2013

Book News

Well, I'm on chapter 30 and the end is in sight... for me and the book! It has been such fun, but I'm living, eating and even sleeping the story. Yup, I'm dreaming I'm the characters! It's a bit weird, but interesting.

I've started thinking about covers, which is part exciting, part headache. For  FIRST LIGHT I totally hated the cover the publishers/printers chose and was thrilled when I was able to design my own for the kindle version...

But the problem with doing your own artwork is the limitations of what you are capable of. I used photos for this cover above, but that meant finding photos I could use that fitted what I was envisioning. Thankfully I have photographer friends as well as belonging to a place that shares photos for artwork,but even so the girl's face (Daen) is a patchwork of three girls (hair, face, eyes) plus some serious photo-shopping!


  1. Find a neat photo and then use a program such as Corel Paint to turn the photo into a work of art, from classical to modern.

  2. WOOOHOOOOOO...GREAT JOB!!! Yeah, it's such a shame if a good book has a "lame" cover he he he...GOOD LUCK in creating the cover that you want. :-D

  3. Hi Nick

    Yup, I use Corel. I love it. I've tried other art pograms, but none are as nice.

    Thank you! :-)

  4. Wonderful, wonderful, amazing news!! I've been wondering why you'd gone quiet(ish), but I'm thrilled that it's for a new book. The much-anticipated sequel or a new book?

    Gosh, I don't know if I would remember how to use Corel. I should try it again. Wonder if I still have it tucked away on my external drive somewhere.

  5. YAYYYY!!! BOOK TWO! =DDDDD I'm SOOOOO excited! =D I really can't wait. I'm afraid I can't help you on the cover front (no pun intended), but I can't wait to see what you come up with. =)

  6. Michelle, since you've been hard at work on your book I have been inspired to write for my often neglected blog. So thanks for that. One idea I had for your cover would amount to ripping off Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album cover. So much for my useless input. ;) Keep at it. I'll have to reread "First Light" to refresh my memory and just for the enjoyment of it.


  7. VERY belated reply.

    yep, sequel and it's a doozy! ;-)

    Not long now. I'm so close, I just need more time, more brain... more sleep. LOL

    Thanks for all the cover ideas you've been sending my way. You're a star. :-)

  8. I am officially so proud of you for moving ahead with your 2nd book. Congratulations, my friend.

  9. Thanks Mimi

    Sorry I've been so quiet elsewhere. I have limited word supplies at the moment. I'm using them (and my energy) up on this book. It's great, but draining as well as exciting.

  10. Michelle, I've just finished reading something and I'm VERY excited, it's a short e-book [free], on how to market your book online, I think all writers would love it.

    Here's the link:

    Off to make breakfast now!

  11. Thanks G~G

    Off yo go read. :)



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