Friday, 6 December 2013

For Dee ~ Such Beautiful Wings

Last week a lovely lady finally lost her battle with cancer. Her name was Delia Islip and she was the wife of a blog friend of mine, fellow author, Bryan Islip

I never met Dee, but I will miss her very much. She first contacted me several years ago, to tell me how much she'd enjoyed reading my book. We continued to email after that and her emails were always full of warmth and brightness. She's in my list of people to thank and acknowledge for my second book, since it was her encouragement that kept me going when I started to doubt if I'd ever finish writing it. 

Dee, from my experiences and all I've heard from her husband, was one of those people who made the world a better place simply by being herself. Even though she was battling illness, and had been told several times there was no hope, she kept optimistic till the very last. Her emails were always a joy. She took time to count her blessings and in doing so reminded you of how lucky you were to also be alive. If she managed to be such a glowing lovely person within words on a computer screen, I can only imagine how powerful the entire person must have been. I'm sure her loss will be felt by all who knew her. 

In tribute there was only one song I could think of that fitted - Dragonflies, written by Boo Hewerdine and sung here by one of my favourite Scottish musicians, Eddi Reader.

A lost summer's day, a lifetime away
What do you find
Slow turning sun, with somewhere to run
Are on your mind
 Not the flash that you saw
And was gone in the wink of an eye
As soon as we're here, we disappear, like dragonflies.

Their miracle blue can never tell you
How we came to be
Each different kind, accidental, designed
Before you and me
And we ask the whole of our lives
maybe there's no why
As soon as we're here, we disappear, like dragonflies.

How can something so fragile leave us helpless
We all feel helpless once in a while
How can something so fragile leave us humble
We all need humble once in a while.

And now nature can sing such beautiful wings
Did you think of this?
That each of us know in our hearts we must go
And that's what beauty is

And just as the dream you were in
dissolved in the morning sky
As soon as we're here, we disappear, like dragonflies.


  1. My deepest condolences for Dee's passing...just the other day I heard a friend's friend who passed away because of cancer. He had just been married in less than a year...indeed life is so fragile.

  2. So sorry for your loss Michelle x x x * hugs *

    Love Linda

  3. Amel

    ((Thank you))
    It's been a rough year. We've had several friend and family deaths.

    Linda Dee
    Thank you x



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