Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Partridges Passing Through

Today, we had some unusual guests in our back yard - Grey Partridges! I took some photos through the kitchen window...

 You can click on the pictures for a bigger view.

They are quite small and very round. Almost... pear shaped? ;-)

 They noticed me here, so I had to stop taking photos.

I found a short video on the RSPB website, so you can see them in action. Very charming little birds.


  1. I used to think these birds were few in number.

    I wonder why they're in that Christmas song, in a pear tree.

  2. G~G
    Apparently they are endangered, so seeing that many was a treat. :)

    And me too on the pear tree thing. These are ground birds. It's like singing about a chicken in date palm! So I went searching and it seems the song always just had a partridge. No pear tree in the oroiginals. They think it comes from the French version. in French was a PRETTY partridge and somehow the French word for pretty might have got mangled into pear tree, but no one really knows.

  3. Cute and round! :-) So those are what they call partridges? Interesting. Same as GG, I also heard the name in the Christmas song ha ha...

  4. Hi Amel

    Yes. Very cute and round. :)



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