Saturday 1 November 2014

3 ~ Harvest Love

3 of the 60 ways of Peace challenge - Harvest Love

It's all about planting the right seeds...

Harvest ~ Andreas Vollenweider
looking up through the clouds of my imagination
these doctrines of delusion don’t deliver
the children bear the traces of a thousand years of fear
even true love – true love, breathes fire onto mirrors
find me at the gates of wisdom, questions falling, falling on deaf ears
so I set my ship out on the waters, trying to reach faith’s holy mount
but the dove I send ahead returns with just a hungry seed of doubt
this is the harvest of the world
this is the garden of our works
winding through the alleyways in the hour of the wolf
turn me out on the edge of town in a field of solid earth
I can’t resist the impulse to sow some wild kind of seed
and reap the ripened fruit of all I've grown upon the vines of every deed
this is the harvest of the world
this is the garden of our works

seeds of doubt grow vines of judgement
vines of judgement - thorns of blame
seeds of beauty - fields of wonder
seeds of anger - blades of shame
seeds of knowledge - trees of wisdom
trees of wisdom - fruits of grace
seeds of tears -  vines of forgiveness
seeds of sorrow bring the wild flowers of faith
seeds of truthfulness grow the tangled roots of feeling
seeds of joy - the vines of laughter
fruits of laughter finally bring the wine of healing

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