Sunday, 16 September 2018

Monty Puthon and the Holy Quest of YO

I was text/chatting a friend (Kim) today. We both tend to be typo queens and we share the same kind of silly humour, hence the title of this blog post. 

We were talking about life in general. We've been friends a long time and in that time we've both gone through a lot, good and bad. I was commenting on how people talk about life as being a plod up a mountain, but that's not quite true. 

I said, "No one tells you that ascending the mountain is done on a yoyo bungie cord."

Because that's how life feels, doesn't it? Today you're feeling epic, like you're striding up the mountain and then suddenly you fall ten feet as some unexpected problem hits you only to go  *SPROING* upwards as you find a way to bounce back. 

Kim agreed and added, "and with the frequent head whack on the side of the mountain."

That's when I saw us; a clear vision in my mind. We weren't spiders, we were Knights from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, valiantly questing through life's ups and downs with irreverence, mild insanity and a complete lack of co-ordination, 

...but when I tried to tell Kim my epic vision I typed "Monty Puthon" and we both ended up laughing. It was downhill into silliness after that.

Goodness knows, we all need more humour lately! The world seems to be winding itself up on seriousness.  I've also noticed way more touchiness around the internet. I've been unfriended twice on Facebook for my "offensive" life choices and once for my political views. Considering the fact I'm politically Green, tolerant of all religions and not interested in anyone's sex life... that's quite a feat! The three people I've offended come from completely different political views and religions, so Kim pointed out that at least I'm "an equally-offending opportunity partner". LOL

But it's not just others who have been more touchy this year. I've had  my moments of losing my temper as well. Some arguments have been equally matched with irritation both sides.

Laughing today about the up-and-downs of life, I realised that I need to get the YO back in my yoyo. That mojo of magical madness, irreverent Heyoka humour and silly walks. Life is too short for taking seriously.
It's much easier to climb the mountain if you lighten your load. ;)


  1. I agree.
    Shake it off and move on.
    I've had my share of mountains. Just now realizing that acceptance of such "apparent" setbacks instead of fear and despair, makes the climb more like an adventure in learning and growing. I want to be a Knight too!

    Thanks for the great read. Silliness is good....

  2. Thanks Mimi,

    It's high time we had a group of lady Knights and you are more than welcome to join us, my Queen. xx

  3. My friend, a great post as always! I laughed all over again and then got a little teary. I'm so grateful for your friendship, humor, the way you get me and for helping to put more "yo" back into my life. xoxo

    1. For some reason it's not showing my name. Soooo, itsime...Kim. lol

  4. Hi itsime Kim :D You sound Japanese. lol

    Hey, you inspired this blog post, remember that! We're good at bouncing ideas off each other... as we bounce off mountain sides.

    Love you too, my friend. xoxo

  5. For me, life feels really like a hike [struggling] up an extremely high mountain [I've done a fair bit of hiking]...muscles burn, I scrape my knee, I'm out of breath, I'm angry with people who want to race to the top because they're not going slow for me...


    I see what they don't see, and they are surprised when I tell them about a field of butterflies. Grass. Flowers.

    Gosh, yes, too much anger online. I don't get involved with the discussions anymore. I ask myself, how is my puny opinion going to help?

    What really is happening around the world these days with all of us getting offended? It's scary.

  6. G~G! So nice seeing you. :) Yes, you summed up the climb of life well. I love your point about what you see that others scrabbling to the top miss.

    Thanks for stopping by.



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