Friday, 7 December 2018

Oh Christmas Tree! :D

Every year, since I was a baby, my dad and I have put up the Christmas tree together. I figured it as being about 52 Christmas trees. For that reason, I just couldn't bring myself to get out our old tree to decorate this year. It's still too soon and too many memories, but I did want to put something pretty up for Christmas.

After pottering about online, trying to find some inspiration, I saw exactly what I was after. A "flat" tree to hang against a wall or in a window. The one online cost £30 and was pretty basic, so I decided to make one myself. :)
My tree took 3 dowel sticks (1 metre long) and string. You could use thinnish bamboo as well. Whole lot came to less than £4.

I sweated for hours doing the maths to figure out length of pieces to fit a tree shape, but then Sandy sorted it out EASY. He put the string down on the carpet in a tree shape and we put the dowels on top at regular intervals and marked where to cut them. My bottom dowel was 72cm going up to a tree point, with about 20cm gaps between each dowel. Knotting the string on the dowels was the hard part!

I left a long bit of string at top to hang it up with. Then sticky-taped the lights all over it and added the tinsel and baubles last.  

I made it a bit big, no room for a star or angel on top, but it still looks very pretty from outside. 


  1. Great job! That looks really pretty!

  2. That is soooo pretty!

    I bet people passing by enjoy looking at it.

  3. Thank you, Em and Neena :)

    I'm really thrilled with how good it looks. Photos don't do it justice.

    And it cost me £3.40. ;)



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