Thursday, 24 April 2008


Well, I'm finally back online. To be honest we got connected last week, but I've been too tired to come read, or write, until today.

At the moment I still feel strangely disconnected. Not to the internet - to myself. Moving house was way more tiring and draining this time than the last two times. I honestly don't think any of us can cope with doing this moving constantly and yet we have no choice. The house we are in is minimum 6 months to maybe 30 months rental. We cannot start thinking of it as "home", because it isn't. Plus we are all missing the town we lived in for the past five years. Missing it way more than any of us expected.

So it's not a particularly happy bunch of people here and the choices on what to do about that are rather limited. We either move again to another rental after six months or we stay put for as long as possible.

If we move again it means more expense (everything from removal vans to changing the phone costs money), more stress and more exhaustion (none of us are that healthy at the moment so packing and shifting was a nightmare).

If we stay it's to live in a nice house that feels not at all like a home in an area that isn't "home".

At the moment we've unpacked the necessities and left the rest packed. I haven't even unpacked my clothes yet. I just couldn't be bothered. When we first moved in we all tried to look on the bright side, see the positives, but at the moment I feel too worn out to care if I come across as negative or not.

As for blogging... I'm not sure where I'm going with that either. I don't want to lose connections to all the friends I have here, but I really don't feel any energy for writing or replying much at the moment. I'm not sure what I want to write either, but then this blog started as my own personal journey so I suppose this is just part of that journey.

I hope everyone is keeping well and I'll try to get around to everyone's blogs to say hello.


  1. At this point, I would take care of the most important stuff first. That would be you and your family. Sounds like you still have to catch your breath.

    With spring here and summer coming, blogging will probably slow down. Go back at your own speed. I don't look for you to stop, because blogging is an addiction.

  2. Hi Cliff (nice photo ID, by the way)

    Very true words. I think we're all just worn out.

  3. Hi, Michelle! Welcome back! Oh, sorry to hear about your situation. Hope you'll get enough rest and so do your family. Take good care! :)

  4. Hi Michelle - I read your other post before this one. I'm sure everybody around here will understand if you don't post as frequently as always - wishing you the best for everything! :-)

  5. Sending a big hug, Michelle. it's nice to see you back.

    You're bound to feel drained and dispirited until you catch that "second wind" - which you will, I'm sure.

    It's time now to spoil yourself and not worry about anything else but feeling okay and content, if not exactly happy.

    Relaxez vous!

  6. Every journey has it's quiet spots. Often we fight them, but just maybe they are the rest we need to prepare us for the next leg of our journey.

  7. Take care Michelle. Moving can be quite stressfull. Take a break. Bank holiday is around the corner. use that.

  8. Glad to see that you've "rested" (judging on your latest post). Seems you were DEAD tired when you wrote this one. I hope you can find a new permanent homeeeee...

  9. Hi Michelle. Your post sounds familiar. ;)

  10. Thank you everyone! Your kindness and friendship mean a lot.