Monday, 4 May 2009

Crafty Moments

I was looking at Orone's lovely craftwork this morning and it reminded me of something I made before I started blogging. I made this embroidered picture as a Christmas gift for a friend. The sky was a bit more blue, but otherwise the photos are pretty close to the reality.

It's made up of all sorts of bits and pieces. The backing for this is actually a plastic lid! It was suppossed to be an embroidery hoop, but I couldn't find one big enough. So I used the top off an old biscuit tub instead.
The hands are knitted and the rainbow is embroidered. The stars are sequins. :-) The trees and grass are embroidered, but the big vine leaves are made of old lace I dyed green. The long dangly vine bits have bead flowers and little silver bells on them. It was great fun to make.


Bogey said...

Very pretty and creative Michelle. You have a lot more patience for such things than I ever would.

(My word verification: numbich) Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Delicate and unique. Also very warm and fragrant. It actually lets me associate with west Asia style. All in all, I love it very much.

Burcu said...

It's very beautiful Michelle...It reminded me my primary school years.(maybe secondary i'm not sure:)) I was showing effort to do similar things like yours in our art lessons but it always ended with disappointed. Then i understood that "talent" is something congenital not subsequent :)

Have a great week!
Lots of love from Istanbul...


Michelle said...


Thanks. (and some of the word verification are hilarious. I'm only sorry I never thought to save some of the most daft-yet-apt ones)

I really enjoyed doing it. Your fish pin reminded me and made me think that i'd like to try doing one with animals ot fishes next time. :-)

Hi Burcu! :-)
Some things you can't learn, I know. I tried pottery once... I was so bad! I can't even make the wheel go round (that they put the clay on).

Love to you from Scotland :-D

Blur Ting said...

Oh wow, you have nifty little fingers! Well done! I wouldn't know where to start!

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

That's really cute!

Michelle said...

I did have the picture of the hands and rainbow to copy, so it was easier than having to start than from scratch.

Hi Rose!
How are you? :-)

Anonymous said...

This special work of art is in my living room...where i can see it now. It is Wonderful, and, to me, is a dreamlike picture of our place.

One thing that makes this lovely art even more magic is that Michelle included the story, the history of each bit used in making this.

So, i received beauty and also, shared moments of Michelle's life story. It is amazing.

LOVE! minna

p. s.

Connie said...

That is so beautiful, Michelle. You are such a creative soul. :D Love it!

Michelle said...


(((BIG HUG)))

Recently I was on Google Earth looking at your area and... wow, the sand, the trees... it really does fit as a picture of your place. :-o

Hi Daisy
Thank you. :-)