Sunday, 3 May 2009

Over the Sea to Skye

We decided we were way overdue a nice drive in the country. Since my mom's never been to Skye we decided to head out that way. My mom spent Friday evening making her famous picnic meatballs while I buttered bread and sorted out other food and drinks for our trip. On Saturday we were up fairly early and left at 7:30 am. From here we drove to Inverness, then along Loch Ness before branching off towards the West coast and Kyle. I've marked our route (pink) on the map below...
The first place we stopped was at Eilean Donan Castle. The combination of sun and cloud made for some really fantastic photographs.
From there we went on to Kyle of Lochalsh, where I took some more photos. The first one here shows the Skye bridge in the distance.
Here you can see the ferry leaving for one of the smaller islands.
Skye is a strange place. Harsh beautiful, sort of scoured by the wind and weather.
We stopped briefly in Portree, going up the East coast first. This was the view.
In Portree my mom spotted this interesting doorway with a plaster/stone cat. The sign actually reads "BEWARE OF THE CAT."
Up along the East coast we stopped for a picnic and I photographed the mountains in the distance.
There were waterfalls everywhere. Here's one we stopped to take a look at.
Almost at the top of Skye we stopped to look over the cliff edge. The tiny white dots on the green edging the sea are sheep!
Here's the view from the same spot, looking back towards Scotland.
Another waterfall. :-)
From there we stopped briefly at Dunvegan for a cup of coffee and cake before heading down the East coast. Here it started to rain and we took less pictures, but we did get to see a sea eagle! He was BIG, but still too small in the sky to show up in a photo. At one place, when the rain stopped, I took a photo of the view. On the way back across the Skye bridge and I was able to take this photo.
From there we travelled a bit up North to Plockton. A very cute little seaside village. Here's the view from the shore.

From there we turned back towards Inverness, but this time we took the top route, past this small Loch. No idea of names.
Then the mist and rain returned. I took a few pictures, but only this one came out nice.
We had a fantastic day! :-)


  1. Michelle,thanks for taking me on the trip with you via these photos.

  2. Fantastic trip! How fun it is to do that once upon a while. The photo with the boat is well done. I also love the photo taken from the top of Skye over the cliff edge -- the one with white dots sheep.

  3. Oh, so beautiful and traveling with your loved ones makes it even more meaningful.

  4. Hi Mike
    Hope you're keeping well. I really enjoy sharing my photos. The best part of photos in blogs is you get to travel from your own computer chair. ;-)

    Hi OrOne
    Thank you. I thought the boat would make a lovely painting myself. I only wish the white dotty sheep photo really showed how high it was. It was scary high, but exciting too. :-)

    Very true, it's always nicer sharing with people you love. When we've taken friends around Scotland that's also been exciting - seeing things "new" through their eyes. :-)

  5. I loved that little tour :) Hopefully one day I'll see it all for myself. Lately, I've been enchanted by Fairy Glen. Have you been there?

  6. How lovely, Michelle! What a fun day for you!

    Odd. Last night I watched a segment of Nature on our local PBS station that was on Mull and specifically dwellt on Sea Eagles! Fascinating!

  7. You would have passed my house on your journey!

  8. Tint
    I don't know. We may have gone past it. I must check on the map.

    I had no idea how big those eagles were!

    Hi jc

    How's horsey life up around Loch Ness? :-)

  9. LOVE all the picsss...:-D THANKS for the tour!

  10. Nice pics Michelle almost picture perfect or should I admire your photographic skills?

  11. Hi Amel
    Thanks. :-)

    It's hard to take a bad picture here, the countryside really is that picturesque.

  12. Loved the photos and the tour, Michelle. I'm pretty sure I'll never get the chance to travel there, so I really enjoy getting to see it through your eyes. :)

  13. I read your comment... raised my typing fingers ready to reply... saw your new profile picture and laughed so much I forgot what I was going to say.

    I love it! :-D

    and thanks for liking my photos.

  14. What a perfect day for traveling and picture taking, I love a misty, wet day with lots of light! Those first two shots are breathtaking. I've really missed your blog.

  15. Thanks Genie

    How have you been? I've been thinking about you, but just not had the time (or energy!) for much blog hopping lately.



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