Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Scary Movie

Yesterday hubby went out and tried to get some better photos of the planes flying out of RAF Lossiemouth. He also managed to get some rather scary film footage of a Tornado landing. The thing you need to understand about Lossie air base is that on one side the planes land/take off over the golf course and on the other over a farm, so it's fairly easy to get really REALLY close to planes.

Hubby says, although he knew logically that it was flying over him... he still ducked. (not that it would have done much good, he added. LOL )


Craig Townsend said...

I wish i could live between two airforce bases, Belinda would never see me, I would have my lenses pointed in both directions all day!

The Crow said...

Wow! That was closer to the underbelly of a flying aircraft than I would EVER want to be!

Good video, Michelle, especially with the sound turned all the way up on my computer. Scary movie, indeed!

Now, I must rearrange my hair, it having been blown sixty ways to Sunday as the jet flew overhead...well, it felt like it had, anyway!


Unknown said...

That's almost too close for comfort!

I once lived near an airport and the sounds of the jets taking off and landing were very disturbing. I have empathy for the folks living on that farm and playing golf so close to the airbase.

Bogey said...

I golfed on a course located by the airport near Kelowna, BC. All I can rememeber was the noise which of course you got used to. But when I was readying my self for a shot in the fairway, I wasn't expecting the huge shadow of a plane to suddenly appear over my head. Scared the bejesus out of me. I can fully understand your husbands instinct to duck.

Connie said...

Woah! I would have ducked too! That sure looked close to me. Cool! :)

Michelle said...

Hi Everyone
I must say thanks to Sandy (hubby) for getting this shot. He really did a great job of catching the moment. There's actually a road through the golf course going into Lossiemouth town. My mom and I were driving on it one day when a tornado flew low over us (coming in to land like that video). it was SCARY, but exciting too.

Hi Craig!
Nice seeing a family member on my blog. :-) Hope the clan in Africa are doing good.

As for the planes... when we first moved here we were out almost every time they were flying. We'd be there, watching them. Nowadays it's still cool stuff, but I don't dash for the car to go watch... mostly because they fly over us anyway. :-) My biggest "oh COOL" revert to childhood moment was last year when an American jet flew over while I was hanging up clothes outside. It "waggled" its wings in greeting. I was jumping up and down waving back like a three year old! :-D

Hubby/Sandy says he thought his eardrums would burst. He came home YELLING... until his hearing returned. LOL

Hi Nick
Nice seeing you here. :-) Yes, I think being that close would be annoying. We're situated far enough that really loud noise is something that happens maybe twice a day at most.

I tend to react worse to high pitch noises. I can't stand whiney motorbikes, but the low rumble of the bigger planes is quite soothing... from a distance!

There should be a blog purely for amazing and funny golf course stories. :-) I know my dad and husband have had their share.

Michelle said...


I ducked just listening to it played on the computer. LOL

Genie said...

That's so awesome! And with so much gorse! We have an air force base not far from here but there are signs warning you not to park on the highway that crosses right in front of their airstrip. I've yet to go to the trouble of parking beyond the area and walking back to try and take some photos. It is fun driving by just as one of those jets is streaking in for a landing though!

Michelle said...


They do have warning lights on the one road that stop traffic when planes are landing, but the other air base (where this movie was taken) they come in across a golf course and road. It is kind of fun. :-)