Friday, 7 August 2009

Ups and Downs

On Wednesday my computer was r-e-a-l -l-y ... s---l---o---w
and then...


Blank screen. :-((

I haven't been able to start it up since Wednesday morning so this is being typed on hubby's computer. The good news is that hubby has bought me all new computer innards for my birthday (today) and he'll get going on repairs this weekend. :-) Hopefully my info is all safe, but if I lose stuff... I'll survive. It's just stuff. I have my book and trailer backed up and my 2nd book (grin) is still on paper scraps and notbooks. I never ever start writing on computer. For some reason I always need paper to start.

So... it's my birthday today and I don't care about computers - i'm going to go and enjoy my day! i hope you all have a great weekend and hopefully I'll be back some time next week.



  1. Sagittiferously Yours7 August 2009 at 16:39

    Happy Birthday, Michelle! :)

  2. Happy Birthday!
    OMG!!!! Aug 7 is a pretty special day. MB's 42nd birthday is today, a friend from my support group has a birthday today, and my uncle's birthday is today.


  3. Many Happy Returns, Michelle!
    hope it's a wonderful day for you.

    I bought your book not long ago - haven't started it yet but am looking forward to doing so. :-)

  4. A very happiest birthday to you, though by now it's pretty much over. I hope the day was wonderful! May the year ahead only bring you love and happiness, my friend :)

    I'm sorry to hear about your pc dying. That is the pits. I agree with you... it's just stuff, though, let's face it, frustrating stuff when it all goes missing.

    Have a good weekend. Are you travelling?

  5. Happy birthday from Russell (whose birthday was the 1st). Treat yourself to a Mac to celebrate – you'll never look back!

  6. Happy Birthday Michelle!

    And Happy Father's Day!(8/8 in Taiwan is so)'s_Day#Dates

    I just want to wish you much happiness ;-D

  7. Well Michelle, from what I understand, some of the best people are born in August. I hope you had a lovely day and week end. The computer is not the end all be all of life. I like that you write using pen/pencil and paper. It makes for a better connection I feel.

  8. HAPPY belated birthday, M! Sorry to hear about the computer...but GOOD for you that you have your book and trailer backed up and your 2nd book is safe. :-D :-D :-D

    GOOD LUCK with your 2nd book! (((HUGS)))

  9. Happy late Birthday!! And may your puter be fixed quickly and wonderfully. And...

    **sniff sniff*old lady beginning to hyperventilate**

    Second book?! I'm so ready!!! Does it follow developments in the world of First Light? I am There!!!

  10. Belated happy birthday! My computer died a few months ago, I lost some data. Funny enough, I'm still here too!

  11. Happy Birthday! I hope you get the computer fixed soon :)

  12. Happy belated birthday! Sorry I'm coming around late to send wishes. Hope it was a special day for you. :)

  13. Hi Michelle!! Here's wishing you a very belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I've not been around much lately - sorry - no excuses - I've just been socialising a lot lately (again! We have a new group of interns and my landlady has gotten ne involved in playing local guide for the foreigners :-)).

    Hope you had a good one!