Saturday, 3 April 2010

On my Way to L.A.

Not literally, alas, but I still have some exciting news to share - my book, FIRST LIGHT, is going to the...

You can find all the info about the festival by clicking on the logo picture above. :-)

I was invited to participate by Authors Den, who are putting on a book display as well as having book signings. My budget doesn't run to flying to America to spend a weekend signing books. :-\ So, I opted for the (way cheaper) deal of sending signed books and complimentary bookmarks. You can find my book listed here.

It took me weeks of trial and error to come up with a design to use for the bookmarks. I had lots of advice and encouragement from my friends and family, which helped a lot. I must say a particular thank you to my friend Betty, of Howling in Silence, who created original bookmark ideas for me to use as templates. My final bookmark back is pretty much exactly what she designed.
The bookmarks were printed by a local printer - Big Sky. They're an eco-friendly design and print service - they try to make as little impact on the environment with their printing as possible. We've used them several times over the years. They offer really good prices for top quality service. They prove that using recycled paper does NOT mean second rate products or printing!

Here's some pictures of the bookmarks. They aren't as clear as the pdf I sent the printers, but they do look better (and bigger) if you click on them.

Here's the bookmark front:
...and bookmark Back:
I wish I could be there on the 24th - 25th of April. It must be so exciting to go to a book festival and even more exciting when you're taking part, but at least I am getting this wonderful chance to take my book advertising further.



  1. Congratulations! That is great news, Michelle. Of course it is sad that you can't go personally, but what a great honor to be invited!! Your book will speak for itself, as will the bookmarks. You go, girl! :)

  2. How exciting! This is wonderful news, Michelle! Congratulations! :)

  3. The bookmarks are wonderful! And I like the recycling aspect of them as well - you did a wonderful job with all this - wish you could be there too!

  4. *positively hopping with excitement for you!!*

    Here's the deal. We just took a lottery ticket. It will be played this evening. If we win, you're on the next flight out to LA, ok? ;)

    I love the bookmarks! So well done. I'm so proud of you, my friend.

  5. OHHHH that's SO SO SO EXCITING!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! LOVE the bookmarks!!!

  6. Dear friends

    You lot keep me going, you know! :-) I need my weekly dose of internet friendship or my batteries would just go "pffff...."

    With a very sincere thank you to you all. :-))

    and yeah, I am very pleased with the bookmarks. A lot of work went into them, but it was worth it.

    If you win the lottery... come over and live closer!

  7. Hi. I came over from the Anne McCaffrey group on Shelfari...congrats on the book! I'll be looking forward to finding it somewhere...soon, hopefully. Love the bookmark, too.

  8. So EXCITING!!! I am very happy for you!

  9. Hi ScrabbleQueen

    Welcome to my blog! :-) What a nice surprise. Thank you for the wishes and kind comments. My book is already out in the Amazon stores and Barnes and Noble online. If you ever do get to resd it - please come back and tell me what you thought. Either here or at Shelfari. :-) I'm working on the sequel and tweaking it based on what readers are telling me they liked, or didn't like.

    Hey Imp! :-D Thanks for stopping by. I owe your blog a read. How's things going on your side? (((HUG)))

  10. Very Cool, very EXCITING! congrats!!!!

    bookmarks are looking way cool....

  11. Thank you Hayden.

    I was so pleased at how professional they look. My days playing about on photopaint finally paid off! ;-)

  12. I love the bookmarks, really beautiful! Hope it went very well at the festival! I had a look at the Author's Den website - looks like a nice site/community - thanks, will join as a reader!

  13. Thanks Jacques

    I kept forgetting to reply to this - sorry I'm late.

    All the bookmarks were given out so... here's hoping it helps book sales!

  14. Just stumbled across your site and am enjoying the perusal... lots of great resources and links, as well as the general encouragement of seeing someone who is full engaged in going after they want. Great blog!

  15. Hi Lauren
    Thank you. I'm glad you added a reply as it made me go look at your own amazing life journey. WOW. :-) Do you want more readers? I know a few hermits and travellers in blogland who would love your blog.

  16. Hey Michelle, yeah that would be awesome if you got me linked up with other like minded people! Always good to have some sort of community... and also always nice to know I'm not just sending all this blather out into the air. Also, I would love to hear more about bloblast for Peace if you wouldn't mind sending me a link! Thanks!