Friday, 30 April 2010

THE SAME by Dear Reader

Land, land of my birth
Are you my mother
Or am I an orphan?

Where, where do I belong?
Will I find a place in this world
Or forever just wander around?

Southern hemisphere
How did I end up here?
I have nowhere to go
This is the only home that I know
Such a great divide
Between you and I
How i wish it would go
I live in a place in my mind

No, I don't listen to Kwaito, wasn't born in Soweto
I don't understand you
But I want to you know

Same, we're both the same
We share the same heart
We're made of the same parts

Please don't look at me that way
I already live with the guilt that I own
From my forefather's past
Does this land belong to the tribes who engraved her stones with stories of old?
They're long gone you know
Now this is our home

I want to strip you down to the core
Take off your shirt, hat, shoes and trousers
Erase my head, all the books that I've read
The language I speak, the customs you keep
Keep on going right down to the heart
To the pain that is yours, the pain that is ours
Tell you it's all going to be alright
Is it going to be alright?

Heal, can you heal?
Heal, oh, can you heal?
Heal, oh, mother, can you heal?
Or am I an orphan?
Forever a stranger here...

Same, we're both the same
We share the same heart
We're made of the same parts


Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Sometimes I wonder what my Purpose is here on Earth. WOnderful Song.

Tint~ said...


Where did you find it? It speaks, my friend, just as you did :) Wonder who wrote the song.

Michelle said...

Hi Bill

It is a beautiful song... and a dreadful question that "Why am I here?" thing. I wonder about it myself.


I got it from a Zimbabwean friend. I took a look on YouTube and I like all their music, but this one is truly haunting, isn't it?

I'd love to know who wrote it too.