Monday, 9 August 2010

Going to the Dentist

No-one likes going to the dentist, but ours has on thing in their favour... this is the view from the dentist's car park. Lossiemouth beach front with a wooden bridge/walkway going across the lagoon to the beach sand dunes.
The beach is beyond these green dunes. What a view to look at as you go to work each day!
This last photo was taken across the road, looking back at the shops. Our dentist is in a house behind the one on the right.
Lossie is very charming, but exceptionally noisy! There's an air base just on the edge of town. Planes, helicopters and jets are constantly roaring overhead. Going to the dentist was never this much fun anywhere else I've lived. ;-)


  1. What a view! Yes, that would be pretty amazing to look at while working all day. And quite the view to distract a person getting their teeth worked on. :)

  2. I bet she/he has a long list of city-dwelling 'patients' and for children too, this could be a fun day out, when a beach visit is included!

    Mind you, I do hope dentist does keep an eye on the teeth in front of her/him when treating you. Especially when the drill is out. Ouch!

  3. Indeed quite a view!!! WOW!!! Too bad about the noise, though he he he...

  4. It really is a great view - sure beats flourescent white walls with over bright shiny lights

  5. Oh hey, I LOVE the new template! :-D

  6. Hi everyone
    I replied here last week, but I see nothing showing now. How odd! :-\

    From the top...
    Nice seeing you here. :-) Yes, it is a wonderful view to have on your work doorstep every day.

    Hi Yoke :-)
    The dentist has opaque glass in their windows, so you only get to enjoy the view when you arrive and leave. They also get a lot of birds on the beach, including crows, which surprised me. I just never thought of crows as beach birds!

    Thank you. I felt like my blog needed some decorating. :-)) Yeah, the noise can get a bit much, but it is exciting having all those aircraft above you.

    Hi Random
    How nice to see you on the blogs again. :-)

  7. I once read that dentists have the highest suicide rate of any profession due, it was believed, to the fact they work with people all day long who are afraid of the pain they may, and sometimes do, inflict. I always pick a dentist who has a wonderful view. I figure he or she needs it to survive, and if they've incorporated that into their practice, they must be pretty healthy emotionally.

  8. Wow Grace... that's really sad. In our case we've managed to lose dentists in another odd way. My mom and I between us have had six dentists immigrate and two retire to travel! Every time we find a nice dentist... they move on.

    Maybe a good thing? Dentists who don't let stress get to them?

  9. It's a very beautiful view -- seems like you can really enjoy the sight of it before or after the visit to the dentist. Watching it feels very relaxing. It can help you go to the dentist, relaxed and ready.

  10. Hi Katia

    Good point. :-) I'm betting the dentist enjoys being more relaxed as well.