Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Rug Rabbit

I've had a busy week and have loads of good stuff to post, but before I get there I have to update everyone on the latest adventures of Flopsy and Cottontail.

It was hubby who saw it all from the start. He called me to the window and my heart sank... there was a rabbit lying on the edge of the road.
Had someone run over one of our buns? :-(

Then I realised the ears were upright. Dead rabbits do not have upright twitchy ears. We took a closer look and what did we see? We saw Flopsy doing what he does best - SNOOZING. He looks more like a rug than a rabbit!
Here below is a close up of Cottontail. Being a sensible wild rabbit he is nibbling the plants beside the road, not on it!
...while Flopsy stretches out for maximum warm-tar tummy bliss.
That rabbit just gets cuter (and lazier!) every time I see him. :-)


  1. Did you ever read the book Watership Downs? Great book about life in a rabbit warren.... I think he's just waiting for a passing hruududu to come along and take him for a ride :)

  2. Bunnys are so cute until they eat all the lettuce and radishes from your garden. :) Still, I think they are pretty fun to watch. :)

  3. Oh my dear...that's DANGEROUS! I'm glad they're both OK, though he he he...

  4. Deb
    LOL Yes I did red it as a teen and loved it. Rabbits have been a part of my life all my life, come to think of it.

    Yeah, last year when the one ate all my dad's poppies he was called less sweet names! ;-)

    Don't worry. We have very little traffic down our road. He's lazy, but not stupid.

  5. Hi Lu
    :-) They really are very cute.

  6. I'm wondering if you don't have rabbit medicine too.

    He's very cute, and that's very odd behavior, LOL!

  7. Hayden

    How funny that you should say that - I was thinking it myself. ... want to Guess my Chinese Astrology sign? ;-)

    and yes, he is a very quirky bun, isn't he? I'm sure his great grandpa ancestor was Brer Rabbit. LOL

  8. Aw...love the photos, Michelle. So cute! I hope you are doing well.

  9. hmmmmm.....

    Rabbit/Hare's Wisdom Includes:

    Paradox and contradiction
    Living by one’s own wits
    Receiving hidden teachings and intuitive messages
    Moving through fear
    Strengthening intuition

    lol.... eh, could be, doc.

  10. Hi Daisy
    I'm doing fine, thanks. :-)

    oh my... yep. It does fit, doesn't it?

  11. Though I don't always leave a note, I have enjoyed your bunny tales.



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