Saturday, 11 August 2007

Three Beautiful Things

Since I posted the news update from Zimbabwe I haven't felt very inspired to write. Every time I come here I feel wordless, but today I realised that life goes on regardless of wars, deaths or natural disasters.. and so should my blog.

Finding a topic to follow on with is hard, so I have decided to keep it simple.

Three beautiful things that I am very grateful for this week..

#1 You lot reading this. Yep, you! :-)
Your caring replies about the situation in Zimbabwe were greatly appreciated. I have no words to say "thank you" big enough. Knowing people still care helps a lot.

#2 Jelly Beans. :-D
I haven't had a decent jelly bean in Northern Scotland in five years, BUT.. this week I found a shop that sells my favourite jelly belly beans. Admittedly it's 50 miles away, so I'm not going to get a regular "fix", but at the moment I am the ecstatic owner of a 100g bag of beans. Cappuccino, coconut, lemon-lime, peach, strawberry parfait.. all my favourite flavours. I could die happy right now.

This week summer finally arrived! We have had sunlight since Wednesday. I have walked outdoors, gardened AND sat outside and toasted myself for three whole days. Today it is a little cloudy, but still sunny enough. I'm going gardening and will not be back here until the rain starts. ;-)



    1. Heaven help those people in Zimbabwe. It's indeed hard to know what to say about such a horrible situation. HUGS for you!!!

    2. I don't think I've ever tasted them, but YIIIPPPIIIEEE for them!

    3. YEEEEEEEESSS!!! We've been having plenty of sun here too. ;-D

  2. Michelle, it's my pleasure reading your blog, so I am thankfull for your posts!
    I am also thankfull for your really funny email! It made my day!!!!:D

  3. I love reading your blog, Michelle. It has a purity of intent that is refreshing and uplifting.

  4. Hi Michelle, I hope you don't mind but somehow everytime I read your blog, I always tell myself OMG, she's so much like me!

  5. Garden on, Michelle! Enjoy! I used to find it such a theraputic activity, back in the UK. Can't do it here in Oklahoma - too hot (100+ today)too buggy, too dry.
    Dig a little for me!

    I must try jelly beans one of these days. :-)

  6. Sounds wonderful. I'm nearing the three year mark of being unable to leave the house for any reason - have become that fragile. Blinds always closed because of migraines. The best things in life are definitely the "little" things -

  7. Amel and Paul

    Thank heavens for the little things! Paul.. wish I could send you some gentle none-migraine sunshine.

    Epi and Holly

    Thank you! :-)

    bless you! I take that as a compliment. ;-)

    Try the fancy flavoured ones. The others are a big sickly sweet, but the fancy flavoured ones are glorious (especially the coffee and cocnut, although the peanut butter and popcorn are a bit weird)

  8. Hi, M, just wanna tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind words in Vic's blog. I TRULY appreciate it. HUGS for you!!! ;-D When I first started blogging, I never thought it'd be so much like "home". :-))))

  9. My one friend taught me this for a hug
    (((person's name)))




  10. Ooohhhhhh...COOL!!!





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