Tuesday, 11 December 2007


PV of "Finding Me" wrote a great post recently on the idea of confessions. He said:

Let's have some fun with this blog. Confessions. I'll post a few of my own. If you are inspired, or just want to unload one, post as a comment - you can even post comments anonymously. I don't get off as easily.

I’m taking that challenge a step further and making it into a new meme. To give it some structure let’s limit it to five to seven confession statements. Tag five bloggers or leave it an open challenge - that part I’ll leave up to you. ;-)

My Confessions:

1. When I was little I thought a monster lived in the toilet plumbing and I was afraid to flush if I was in the toilet alone… in case I woke “it” and it came out and got me. I would only flush if I wasn’t alone, or the door was open and I could flush and RUN… FAST.

2. When I had insomnia in my 20s I started listing things to try to fall asleep (counting sheep is just annoying). I started with listing names of fruit and vegetables, people’s names, but ended up with dog breeds. As a result of that I can now recite a list of 70 breeds of dogs without much struggle.

3. I hate untidiness and clutter. I even feel more clumsy and less able to think clearly in an untidy space. Now this does NOT mean I am tidy and a perfect house-cleaner! It just means I get irritable if I am surrounded by mess… and eventually that does force me to go tidy up.

4. I was named Michelle because my mom’s doctor’s name was Michael.

5. I can hear high pitch sounds like bats and “silent” dog whistles

6. I worry too much… then I worry that I worry too much!

7. I’m driving phobic- does it have an official name? I have my license and I’m a fairly good driver, but I’d rather walk than drive and I avoid driving as much as possible.

I’m tagging:

Blur Ting
Mother Hen


  1. Wow, you do seem to have an anxiety problem...maybe that's why you can't sleep easily. But 70 breeds of dog!! I wonder if I can count past 10.

  2. WOW!!!

    I didn't know you had insomnia in the past. You can list 70 breeds of dog easily? WOAH!!!

    I can understand your driving-phobia. I also don't want to drive, especially in Indonesia he he he he he he he he he...

  3. Thanks for the tag. I will work on it. I am glad the confessions are like they are, didn't want to have to incriminate myself. ;)

    I don't think listing would work for me. It stimulates my brain. I just listen to talk radio. lol

  4. *woof* :-D

    Blur and Amel.. I'm coming to read your confessions as soon as I post this. :-)


    yeah, it's like reading in bed. I find that keeps me awake as I want to find out what happens next in the story. Music puts me to sleep, but have you ever woken up with headphone wedged in your skull from being pressed on all night? ouchy! :-P

  5. Hi, M!

    I'm tagging you to do this meme. Hope you don't mind he he he...

    The True Meaning of Christmas

  6. Hi, Michelle! I'll do the tag maybe by next week, okay?!

    When I had those sleepless nights in my teenage years, I ever tried to count sheeps because I watched that on TV he he...but it has no effect on me. So, what I did is fantasizing about some actors until I fell asleep...LOL!!

  7. Hey your list is cool!
    The high pitch sounds thing is just super cool, you must have the gene of a superwoman :)
    Ok I'm going to work on this :)

  8. Hi, M!

    I hope you don't mind another tag...this one's also easy and relevant. No need to hurry he he he...

    What Does 2007 Mean to Me?

  9. Thanks Amel

    These are nice ones. :-)

  10. Hi, Michelle! I've done mine. Please check it out:-

    The Confession

    Thanks and Happy Weekend!!! :)



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