Monday 3 December 2007

Friendship and friends


Amel has awarded me the BFF award. Thank you Amel! In fact - a double thank you because I was actually writing a blog piece on friendship on Friday that I forgot about until I had this very pleasant "reminder". ;-)

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about friendship. This year I’ve made some wonderful new friends (like Amel and the others on my blog list), I’ve re-connected with some old friends, and I’ve managed to make new friends out of people I had first known as family (that’s actually quite an accomplishment as family bonds can sometimes make being plain old friends way more complicated).

I’ve also lost a few friends this year. That’s been sad, but a part of life. It’s not just that people change, but also that sometimes what we need from friendship changes as well. A close friend chose to walk away from me this year. I was sorry to see her go, but I do understand that she did what was best for her. Her life is following new paths where I just don’t fit anymore. That’s okay. You don’t have to be friends forever in order to have been blessed to know each other.
There’s an old email that talks of friendships lasting SEASONS or LIFETIMES. I’d say it’s more a case of friendships being like flowering plants. Some plants flower that year.. and then die – SEASONAL. Some plants bloom over and over – LIFETIME.

Both are beautiful and both are significant. We don’t think one flower is superior to another simply based on how long it flowers for – we just rate them as special because of how beautiful they are while in flower – friendships are just the same.

Enjoy them while they bloom and always be grateful for their beauty – no matter how long you get to have that beauty in your life. It doesn’t matter how long they last.


  1. This is a MARVELOUS post, M!

    You know that I've had important lessons in friendship when I first moved to Finland. I learnt those lessons the hard way he he he...but you're right...even though some friends have passed by, the beauty of our friendship with them stays fresh in our minds. They're there no matter what.

    These lessons also help me learn to enjoy the beauty of each season of life without regretting of the past seasons.

    LOVE this post SO MUCH!!!!

  2. Friendship - that need manifests in our lives everywhere.

  3. Amel

    I know how you've had to deal with this this year too. It hurts.
    It's never easy to let go of a friend - even when you realise you're moving in different directions, it still hurts. For me I've just recently realised that when you can remember the good "flowering time", and rejoice in how much that blessed and brighten your life, the hurting stops.

    yeah - no matter how much we may not think it, we always need friends.

  4. Good thoughts, Michelle!

    We're approaching the time of year when we drag out the Christmas card list. My list always reminds me how friendships evolve, flower then often just finish up on the Christmas card list, for an annual "hello" and update. I think this is still worthwhile though - and evidence that although close contact is gone, the wish to keep a thread of contact remains. :-)

  5. Yeah, that's why this post is really personal for me, too he he he...;-D



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