Wednesday, 6 February 2008

What the Year of the Golden Pig Meant to Me.


In December Amel tagged me to do the meme "What did 2007 mean to me?" Since I’m way behind posting this for the 2007-2008 new year I’ve decided to base my reply on the Chinese New year instead.

Today is the last day of the Chinese year of the Fire Pig, the Golden Pig. It’s been an interesting year, but then Pig years always are. Although the Chinese see Pig years as lucky, they are also seen as a time of extremes. In Chinese astrology the Pig is an animal of culture and strong appetites. Pigs love the good things in life - good food, drink, possessions and friends. Pigs want quality... and quantity. Everything is more intense in a Pig year (especially for those born in a Pig year: 1995, 1983, 1971, 1959, 1947..)

These extremes can be very good, or very bad, but they are always tremendous rites of passage. This doesn't mean Pig years are bad, but it can feel that way! The Chinese Pig Year is a bit like the Black Sow of Samhain - the Celtic symbol of death and rebirth. In old Celtic legends the Black Pig eats up the physical body to set free the soul. Pig years, just like the Black Sow, kind of devour and destroy you, but all in order for you to be reborn.This past year was "Golden" - a Fire element year. (Chinese years follow a 60 year cycle based on 12 animals and 5 elements) Golden sounds good, but once again it means that things were bound to swing to extremes. As one Chinese website put it – in Pig years the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. that's the kind of extremes you find in pig years. Things are magnified. Basically if you have any hidden problems, secrets or minor ailments you were avoiding getting sorted... they will blow up so big they cannot be ignored in Pig years.

In my case that was quite literally when I was rushed to hospital last February and had to have an operation in March. Typical to Pig years, this small “death” brought several births and rebirths for me. Two of which actually started in hospital. The first was the idea to start writing again and have my own blog. The second was discovering my psychic abilities had made a sudden and unexpected leap forward.

Of course, being a Fiery year, none of my plans for this year went as expected. I’d intended to start a blog to get into writing more professionally and go back to being self-employed. Neither happened, but instead I discovered a whole new world of wonderful blogs and blogging friends. With my psychic leap forward I’d hoped it meant I would find a few answers, help people more. Instead I’m ending the year with new questions and the realisation that everything is connected – that I cannot help others without helping/taking care of myself first.

On a larger scale I’ve also noticed this year has held many death-rebirths for my friends and family. I have never known such a year for the death of outworn ideas, old prejudices, dated dreams and outgrown relationships. So many people I know have been scoured bare by this year, both mentally and emotionally. So what does the future hold? What rebirths are lined up to fill the empty spaces left by this devouring Pig Year? I have a few hunches, but I’ll leave that for my next post on what the new year holds. ;-)


  1. This post was interesting. Only time I give Chinese years any attention is when I am staring at the placemat in the Chinese buffett.

    But what you had to say held my interest.

  2. Hi Cliff

    Glad it interested you. I love Chinese astrology, but barely scrape the top surface of understanding its beautiful complexity.

    I'll be back with a new year post tomorrow. :-)

  3. So well written. I'm glad you started your blog or else we would never have met a fellow blogger like you.

  4. 2007 is the Chinese Red Female Pig Year - Red being equivalent to the element of Fire, and Female because 2007 is a Yin Fire year.

    The Pig is the 12th and final sign of the Chinese Zodiac and the New Year begins on the 18th February. 2006 was the year of the Fire Dog and was a year of structure. This year will focus on making things comfortable and finishing off unfinished projects and achieving goals. The year of the Fire Pig is meant to be auspicious bringing good fortune and prosperity. It is an excellent year to marry and have children. However it will not be a peaceful year, wars and natural disasters, particularly those connected to fire and water such as bushfires, volcanos, floods and tsunamis will occur causing the economy to blow hot and cold. Rising real estate prices will continue and homeowners and builders will do well. Fire Pig is well known for luck in money and speculation, particularly for those who share and do good deeds for the poor.

  5. Hi Lucky Number

    So what do you predict for this new year of the Ox/Cow?



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