Thursday, 7 February 2008

Welcome to the Brown Rat Year.

Welcome to the Year of the Brown (Earth) Rat.

The Rat is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac. If Pig years bring the theme of death-rebirth then Rat years bring us new cycles and fresh beginnings. Rat years are times of change, usually favourable. Rat people are smart, sociable, ambitious, energetic and born survivors and Rat years echo these traits.

It won't be a year for quiet contemplation, but it will be productive, especially anything related to relationships, career or finances. Rat years bristle with energy and activity. Rat people love to experience new things and travel to see new places so this year should see a very high number of people travelling: holidays, business trips, but even more likely changing jobs or towns, moving home or even immigrating. Socialising will be another theme. Rats love to talk, entertain and meet new people, so this year will see more interaction, more visits and more communication. Rat years are lucky, but only to those who are prepared. If any year will hand you that once-in-a-lifetime job offer or chance to seize your dream - it's a Rat year!

This Rat year is Brown – an Earth element year. Earth years are slower and more “grounded”, but Rat tends to speed up every element. There will be exciting opportunities, but you will need to be prepared as well as patient. This will be a year for planned progress and worked-for rewards rather than instant success. A full busy year of socialising, networking, moving, doing and being active in every way.


  1. Hello Michelle,

    A year of favorable change might be a good thing here in the United States, seeing it's a presidential election and the Democrats will make history in one way or the other since the last two democratic candidates are Barack Obama, a black man, and Hillary Clinton, a woman.

    Also favorable change could be a good for the world's economy.

  2. 74wixygrad, I like the way your politics!
    Michelle, do you think it bothers Chinese if they are born in the Year of the Rat? You explain the qualities of someone born in that year very well as well as the symbolism behind the Rat. Yet, it's kind of hard (I would think) to beat the funky connotation that most people (especially in The Western World) have of the rat.

  3. Sounds like a good year, Michelle!

    this part is very apt for the presidential candidates in the USA! :-)
    If any year will hand you that once-in-a-lifetime job offer or chance to seize your dream - it's a Rat year!

  4. Ok I'm prepared, so where is my billion? :)

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  6. Sorry, Michelle. I have to delete the 1st comment because I've wrongly typed the URL for a tag. Here goes:-

    Btw, Happy CNY and Happy Weekend!!! :)

  7. Oh dear. I don't know what happened with the code. Hmmm... ;D

  8. My granny was born in the year of the rat. She was the embodiment of all things good, so I believe the year of the rat must be a good one.

  9. Cliff
    Whichever way you look at this it's certainly going to be history-making elections.

    I'm certainly hoping and praying for a good 2008! :-)

    I can't say how the Chinese feel about being born in Rat years, but I can say that I think the furry critters get bad publicity. I mean... they're smart, fast learners, adaptable and fantastic survivors. Plus very brave for their size. But yes, different cultures do see animals very differently. One example that amuses me - in the West we tend to revere the Lion as the "king of the jungle", but in Africa the lion is often considered evil in myths and legends. It is the leopard and/or the elephant who are the kings and rabbit and Mantis who are the smart and charming heroes.

    THank you for the link. I am smiling already. :-)

    Ahh, that's nice. :-) I've met some lovely Rat people, especially lady Rats. They make the world a nicer place.

  10. LOL

    Mother Hen, I nearly forgot your billions. Can I be your best BEST friend when you get those billions? :-D (big suck-up smile)

  11. Interesting. It sounds true for me so far. I've begun to get busier than ever with my full-time Finnish course he he he he...;-D Plus I have to prepare for my lessons. Socializing, networking, moving, and being active is really something I should do this year he he he...

  12. Btw, how's your house hunting???

  13. Hi Amel

    Yes, it does sound like the right year to be studying a new language. ;-)

    No luck finding a house yet. :-\

  14. Well, I'm a Rat...and a Brown Earth Rat, to boot! If it means a good year financially for me...oh, baby, I'm ready! :o)

    As far as how I feel about being a Rat...just fine. My partner's daughter had a pet rat who used to sit on my shoulder very sweetly and nibble my ear very gently while I sat at the computer. He was a fine fellow and good company, and raised the species greatly in my esteem.

  15. Hi Betty... my favourite rat lady. ;-)

    My cousin had a pet rat. Way more intelligent than my hamster and far less agressive, come to think of it. That hamster was forever biting me!

  16. I was born in the year of the Rat ... maybe it's my turn now .. I am old and on my last leg, yet I feel fresh and renewed.

  17. Amias, one of my greatest role models was a wonnderful lady I met 6 years ago who was in the process of learning to be a herbalist... at the age of 82. The human spirit knows no boundaries, although admittedly our bodies do tend to argue that fact!

    I hope this year brings you youthful joy, whatever age you may be chronologically. ;-)



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