Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sons of the Bun

For over two years a rabbit has been visiting our garden. He started out as an inquisitive tiny bundle of bunny bravado that grew... and grew to become 'Bunny Boy' - the rabbit I've blogged so much about.

Every Winter he vanishes to return every Spring, but this Spring was different... this year he returned with two tiny babies following him. Bun Boy has become Bun Dad. :-) Since then he's been in the garden less and less. I'm gathering 'domestic life' keeps him too busy to sleep under barbecues or snooze by the bird bath anymore. His children have taken over the garden and kept us wonderfully entertained, but they've been hard to photograph. Tiny fluff balls don't make great photos.

I've learnt that baby buns love to play and chase each other. I've also seen the sweeter side of siblings - they groom each other and love to sleep in a bunny puddle. The one is slightly bigger than the other. The bigger sibling loves to fling himself out on the grass and snooze. The littler guy is more cheeky and likes to play tag and leap. I've named them after Peter Rabbit's siblings - Flopsy and Cottontail. :-)

Now that they are getting bigger I've been able to take some better photos. This first one is the oldest, from the end of May. You can see Flopsy left on the paving and tiny Cottontail is on the right just in front of the dark bush... eating daisies. Click on the photo for a bigger version.

The next three were taken out the dining window. They have no fear of our family, but are afraid of strangers walking by. No idea who is who here. LOL

I'd love to know which weeds are their favourites. They don't eat the grass - they dig down for some particular plant they really love.

This photo was taken right by the window. I had to place the camera right against the glass. In this one you can see that Cottontail (left) is smaller than Flopsy. :-) Cottontail also likes to sit on the garden wall! He's a cheeky one, just like his dad.

Happy Father's day Bunny Boy! :-)


  1. They really are so cute. The bunny that's been eating all our lettuce growing in our garden, not so cute when you want to eat fresh grown lettece, but still cute to me, if you were to ask my husband he might not use the word cute. :)

  2. Great photos, Michelle! They are fun to watch, aren't they. :)

  3. Hmmm, did it ever occur to you that Bunny Boy just might be Bunny Girl? :D
    Cute babies, though.

  4. OH SO SO SO VERY CUTE! And now there are two of them, so it gets more interesting to watch 'em. :-D

  5. Lori

    LOL My sister-in-law rescued a rabbit from their veggie patch once. He'd got so fat on their veggies he stuck in the hole in the fence he tried to escape through. She had to pull it out before popping him over the wall. Good thing she saw it first, her partner's farming stock and has a farmer's opinion of rabbits. ;-)

    I never realised what quirky charming creatures they are. Goes to show how watching nature is always worth the time and effort. :-)

    LOL It did actually, but I think "he" because he came to our garden and lived here single for two summers. I think it's fairly common for group/herd species to turf out young males, but they usually keep the young females in the group. But... I could be wrong!

    VERY cute! :-))

    Amazing how one or two rabbits are adorable whereas a thousand are not. Less is more? ;-)

  6. I'm stoopid in love with bunnies/rabbits and my personal hero Bugs Bunny. Last night we drove for ice cream and then drove to a park to eat it. On the way out of the park were two baby bunnies nibbling grass along side the road. They refused to move as I inched the car by them slowly. I yearned for the close up view my wife got as they were on her side of the car.
    So cute !

  7. Den
    Me too. I'm a sucker for bunnies and a long term fan of the great Bugs. My mom and I have all his movies... ;-)

    These two in our yard are drop-dead cute. They do at least one "awww ADORABLE!" thing a day.



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