Wednesday, 10 November 2010


It felt appropriate to take a side step on Remembrance day this year, especially since my theme for Blogblast for Peace was to "Be the Change" by refusing to believe any situation was hopeless.

In our area of Scotland a new 'battle line' is forming as people group together refusing to believe in unavoidable loss. As part of the government’s budget cuts one of our local RAF air bases, Kinloss, is being closed early next year. The fate of the other base - RAF Lossiemouth, is very uncertain.

...but the folk of Moray refuse to give up hope. All kinds of petitions and action are being organised to help save RAF Lossiemouth. Just last Sunday (7th Sept) a march was held in the town of Lossiemouth. Over 6,000 people attended, including ex-RAF pilot, Colin McGregor (sometimes better known as Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor's brother), Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, and leaders of other political parties.

It might seem strange for a 'Peace Bee' blogger to be talking about saving an RAF base, but this is about far more than the obvious. Lossie is also the home of the search and rescue helicopters that regularly pluck the desperate and injured from mountains, cliffs and sea. Kinloss has been the aeronautical rescue coordination centre for all of the UK (police, fire, ambulance and coastguard) since 1997. Both Lossie and Kinloss air bases have been filmed in the TV show "Highland Emergency". You can find their fan page, and past episodes on YouTube HERE.

During World War II it was bases like Lossiemouth and Kinloss that helped to save the war and they helped to keep the Peace during the Cold War years too. Lossie is most famous as the home of the 617 “The Dambusters” Squadron (12 Nov 1944), but if both the bases shut we lose far more than just a portion of world history. Nowadays they also guard the coastline from more subtle enemies - illegal fishing and drug smugglers. The RAF bases of Lossiemouth and Kinloss have been a part of the community of Moray for over sixty years. The people from the bases work here, live here and have interwoven their lives into the area for generations. If Moray loses both bases the economy of the area will suffer... their will be civilians amongst the casualties of cutbacks.

So for this Remembrance day I'm asking my readers to not only remember the past, but also the future. When you think of those that have died for Peace you need to remember those still alive who work for it - especially those who are about to be made redundant.

Lest we forget... the living count as much as the dead.



  1. "When you think of those that have died for Peace you need to remember those still alive who work for it - especially those who are about to be made redundant."

    Well said, Crow! I remember reading several years ago an article talking about the challenges of transforming our civilization to a peace-based society. One aspect was how to employ all those who support military forces all over the world - the folks who make uniforms, weapons, military vehicles. And those who's livelihoods depend on supplying food and other goods to the military. There also is the challenge of finding meaningful work for all those who are called to follow a warrior's path - Search and rescue certainly is one way to keep such folks engaged and employed!
    I think of the events of this past year where military personnel and ships, aircraft, and resources have played vital parts in disaster relief around the world - from the devastating earthquake in Haiti to most recent aid given to a stranded commercial cruise liner. I am very proud of all those who are called to serve - and all who support such service!

  2. Thank you deb. That reply was as good as my post. :-) I know how close to your heart this topic is. ((hug))

  3. Beautiful. Our warriors are not the problem, and they can easily become part of the solution. We need to remember that in every service man and woman beats the heart of a hero, or they would not have chosen the path they did. Our military takes those people and molds them into a particular kind of behavior, but they are capable of so much more.

    We need heros, and need to rethink how we will use these noble hearts in our being-created world.

  4. Very true, Hayden. We need our warrior souls, we just need to find them new ways of being brave warriors.

  5. LOVE this post and the reminder, M. You're right that we should keep on striving for peace and justice and all good things no matter what.



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