Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Random Thoughts

My banner for January is actually an old photo, but one that fitted the theme if not the actual date. It's a photo I took on a truly PERFECT day during my first holiday in Scotland. You see... yesterday was our wedding anniversary - so I've been browsing old photos of when we met, married, etc.

It got me thinking about how we first started chatting online on New Year's day 2002. Met at New Year's... married almost exactly one year later. ;-)

Hubby pointed out that this New Year was also the start of a new decade. Were now in the 2nd decade of the 21st century. Hard to believe! Seems like just yesterday the world moved to 1900 numbered years and 2000 only showed up in Science Fiction.

So my mind has been wandering around New Years and new decades. It has been a strange decade - so much change, not only in my own personal life, but in the world in general. Not always enjoyable change, but I can honestly say it hasn't been boring!

If I had to make a wish for this new decade it would be,

"Good change that grows and flows gently" opposed to the last ten years that seem to have been a constant shake up of everything from health and home to politics and weather!


  1. When I knocked at the door of your blog I seen your new header and thought what a beautiful picture and was going to tell you that and here you tell us a little history with it...very cool...Happy Anniversary to you and your husband...I love your wishes for this new decade...I would love change that grows and flows gently as well. XX

  2. That's a lovely photo, Michelle. Happy anniversary to you! :)

  3. That's a STUNNING picture. LOVE your banner! I've been sneezing here, but I hope I won't get truly sick...good thing I still have a day off tomorrow.

    LOVE the wish for this new decade! :-D

  4. Lori
    Thank you. :-) That photo will always be one of my favourites. It was one of those truly perfect moments.

    Hi Daisy
    Thank you for the wishes. :-)

    Get better, stay warm and enjoy your weekend!

  5. Grand photo. Fine memories. I hope 2011 is treating you well.

  6. Thanks Nick. :-)

    Hope 2011 is a good year for you and the furry ones as well.

  7. Happy anniversary, Michelle, and Here's to the Best of the Best in the decade ahead!



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