Sunday, 16 January 2011

Chakra Conundrum


When I first started this blog, in 2007, I wrote about the strange experience that introduced me to chakras.

At the time I had intended to explore that adventure in this blog, but somehow it never quite happened. It's been on my mind, because recently I've been spending more time dealing with chakras than writing on blogs and I've wondered about putting some of that up on my blog, maybe on a separate page. It's also on my mind because last week my dad asked me whether other cultures also used chakras and although I had a feeling Reiki was similar, I really didn't know for sure.
I went and did some research and I can now say that the answer to dad's question is, Yes, other cultures have similar ideas. I tried to find a short simple version of the info to share here and opted for this from Wikipedia:

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

They are considered loci of life energy or prana, also called shakti, qi (Chinese; ki in Japanese), bios (Greek) & aether (Greek, English), which is thought to flow among them along pathways called nadis. The function of the chakras is to spin and draw in this energy to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the body in balance.

Due to the similarities between the Chinese and Indian philosophies, the notion of chakras was quickly amalgamated into Chinese practices such as acupuncture and belief in ki. The confluence of these two distinct healing traditions and their common practitioners' own inventiveness have led to an ever-changing and expanding array of concepts in the western world.

In Japan, the word qi is written ki, and is related to the practice of Reiki, and plays an important role in Japanese martial arts such as Aikido.

In Western culture, a concept similar to that of prana can be traced back as far as the 18th century's Franz Anton Mesmer that used 'animal magnetism' to cure disease. However it was only in 1927 that the shakta theory of seven main chakras, that has become most popular in the West, was introduced...
After four years of exploring and working with chakras I still don't see spinning balls or glowing energy in the traditional sense, I don't feel energy in the traditional qi sense either, I still see critters!

Little glowing rainbow-coloured creatures that give me information to report back to the person they belong to. The only chakras I see as the traditional light spheres are the chakras of animals. I've only done a horse and a dog so far so I can't swear they are all that way. I also see more than seven for humans. Sometimes I see a black or brown one below a person's feet, connecting them to the Earth, and sometimes I see a white-gold one flying around or above the person - connecting them to... well I'm not sure yet. I'm still exploring that one. :-)

I'm glad actually; seeing creatures that I can interact with is far more fun than seeing spinning light balls, but I have wondered sometimes about the fact that what I see isn't the traditional form of chakras. Chakras are supposed to be inanimate energy centres in the body, not independent little creatures with distinct opinions and personalities.

Why do I see them differently? Why, for me, do they react so actively? I found a quote about chakras on Wikipedia that might explain my chakra conundrum:
Rudolf Steiner (one-time Theosophist, and founder of Anthroposophy) says much about the chakras that is unusual, especially that the chakra system is dynamic and evolving and is very different for modern people than it was in ancient times, and will in turn be radically different in future times.
Am I seeing a step in the evolution of human chakras?
That is a very cool thought!



  1. All of this is completely and utterly fascinating to me. There was a time that I would have thought this was a bunch of phoney baloney but I no longer believe that. I have crossed paths numerous times with people that have told me things they couldn't have known any other way. I went back and read your older post and I am just wowed by your wisdom and experieces. I hope you write and share more about this part of your life. XX

  2. Thanks Lori

    It's hard to write about very personal experiences in a way that makes sense and doesn't sound either too weird or too corny.

    Yeah, I was one of those who had great doubts about chakras and similar stuff. Even now I question everything that happens to me like five times before I accept it. I am finally learning to trust - trust God and trust myself. Both kinds of trust are important, I know realise!


    I will try to write more this year. :-)

  3. Great post, Michelle. That pesky evolution keeps cropping up in the darndest places! Just about the time you think you figure things out....

    Steiner was also the father of biodynamics, a farming philosophy/process.

  4. That's fascinating. I know a friend who says that she sometimes senses something wrong about another person's health and at least in two occasions that I know, she's proven to be right. I don't know how she "senses" it, though. But I believe her 'coz she used to be able to sense the presence of "ghosts" or something like that in houses - but she's "turned off" that ability.

  5. Amel, there is a branch of psychics... not sure the exact term for it now... I think sympathetic where people can actually 'feel' someone else's pain or sickness.

    Michelle, I'm so glad you wrote this! :) If you ever have the chance, not sure what facilities you have there, but Aikido would be good to do. I'm going to take it up when I move if there's a dojo nearby. Need to research that. Anyway... Aikido is what Tat did here and it transformed her in so many ways. It's a defensive martial art with huge focus on balance and well-being.

    Once a friend did Reiki on Tat. When she finished, she 'threw' the energy ball. I nearly fainted! I saw the energy. It was a ball of lightning. For me, that was a freaky experience, as I was new to energy and chi at the time. Apparently it's not often people see the balls. I think your critters are far more entertaining :)

  6. Hayden
    Thanks for the bit about Steiner. I know only gragments about him and his ideas.

    I think many of these senses relate to some kind of electromagnetics or similar types of energy. We do have skin sensors that react to electromagnetics, if I remember correctly... :-\ I know science now thinks we have probably 10 or more senses rather than the basic five they thought we had in ancient times.

    Oh and yeah - I block dead people at times. It's not an area I feel comfy dealing with.

    Hi Tint
    The thing you're describing to Amel sounds like mabe being empathic?

    I know NOTHING about Aikido and near nothing about Reiki. Thank you for this. I'll try to find more info. :-)

    And as for what you saw... whoaaa. That must have been amazing! :-o

  7. You are witnessing the changing of our spiritual pathways to a more positive and spiritual world. You are very lucky and blessed to see what you do. In my years of working with chakras, I can only 'feel' the energy. Each one to his/her own gift. Namaste

  8. Jacqui
    I like the way you put that. :-)

    Isn't it wonderful and interesting how different people experience the same things (like energies) in their own unique ways? My mom gets vibes off houses and places.

    As you say - each to his/her own gift.



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