Friday, 7 January 2011

Winter Doldrums

January is the only month I've never liked - it seems to just hang there in a doldrum, after all the bustle and energy of October-December.

The weather never seems to get it quite right either. In South Africa it's often the hottest month of the year, when I'd try to hide in the shade and hope for an early autumn. I don't like super hot weather - it just drains me. Here in Scotland I've moved from too hot to too cold, but the funny thing is I'm facing the same photographic dilemma. Nature, when faced with either prolonged dry heat or dry cold... goes brown.

Whether it's summer scorched brown or winter dead brown - it's still boring to photograph! :-\ The best picture I've managed this month is taking the morning sunrise through our bedroom window...

I'm probably one of the few who is pleased to see the snow has returned this morning. Snow and frost are much prettier to look at and photograph.

The doldrums are also the result of a lot of waiting: mom's waiting to hear when her surgery will be this month, dad's waiting for three health check ups and we're all waiting on several other assorted things. The only thing worse than dull weather is dull waiting. :-\ I am keeping busy with catching up with emails and some other stuff I might blog about later. I have been promising myself I'll use this time to start book 2 of First Light and I have loads of notes and ideas in my head, but that's as far as I'm getting. Mostly I'm as dull and doldrum as the weather.


  1. I know what you mean about January. Since we are into our 3rd month of snow and cold, and haven't seen much of the sun, except for when it's bitter cold outside, we really start to feel it in January. The little's are a little stir crazy...well more than them out for little bits of time when it's so cold, is hardly worth the effort & time it takes to get them all bundled up. So instead I losen the rules a bit so that they can wear off some of that energy they have so much of.

    There really is no excaping these doldrums. Ugh!

    I hope your moms surgery goes well and that your dad's health checks come out good as well. I am with you though, I would rather it be white than brown everywhere. :)I hope that someday I am working on writing a book...something my heart seeks to do...good luck with this.

    Love & hugs...XXX

  2. The weeks leading up to the longest night are the worst for me. But today is unusual - woke up to 8 fresh inches of fluffy, powdery snow, and we had bright sun, blue shadows, glittering snow. A light-filled day, and much needed! (Jake is bounding around happily, in up to his shoulders, now that I think about it, so probably the place I measured was a bit 'thin.' Anyway, a lot of snow.)

  3. I LOVE the photo! So artistic! :-D I hope your Mom's surgery goes well and your Dad's check-up results are good. Unfortunately my Dad's yesterday's check-up results aren't good 'coz he's been really stubborn again and he's been eating and drinking stuff he shouldn't (he has diabetes type 2). So today there was a little drama at home when my bro tried to tell him that we cared and we didn't want him to get sick, but being a stubborn guy like me, Dad got's SO hard to make him understand that it's for his own good. Oh well...we really can't help people who don't want to help themselves, can we? May God help my family!!!

  4. It is always nice to read your blog - I've been neglecting blogging period.

    I like the fact that you moved from one country to another - something I aspire to do myself. Very cool. Happy New Year Michelle!



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