Friday, 29 July 2011

100 Ways to Hold a Thimble

This morning I was checking through my emails and found an update about Blogblast for Peace 2011. Mimi has created a new challenge for Facebook. Here's the email:
Good evening, Peace Bloggers!

I have a challenge for you! In less than 100 days we will launch another BlogBlast For Peace. We say we want peace? Let's put some substance to this movement. What are the reasons you blog for peace? Post one reason a day in your FB status. How many reasons can we find? Let's go!

It's a lovely idea, but my brain just went blank. I couldn't even think of one response, let alone a hundred! I sat for a while, feeling more and more despondent at my utter lack of bright new reasons we need to talk about Peace.

Eventually I just gave up trying.

I shut the email and moved on to the next thinking, "What's the point? Can one unknown everyday person really make a difference and change the world?"

I opened my next email, feeling kind of tired and a bit depressed, hoping it might cheer me up. It's a daily message thing a friend signed me up to (thanks Kim! ), from:

Dear Persistent Girl,
There really is something you were born to do. Just you. There is a plan for your life, there is a mission you were created to accomplish, and there is a life that is meant JUST for you.
You were not born randomly. You were not an accident, and you are not a number.
Keep holding on. Stay with it. There is so much learning that takes place, so much training, so much boot camp that is so necessary before it all unfolds. Have patience and keep listening to your heart.
You were born for something great and unforgettable. You were born to do things that would never ever be done if you did not do them.
Keep going, keep going, keep going.
You can't ignore a message like that! I went to Facebook to put up my Blogblast badge and there I found two new petitions from other friends - petitions to try to make the world a better place. It got me thinking...

a petition isn't about one "important" or powerful person making a difference - it's about lots of ordinary "little people" standing up together to make a BIG difference.

There really is something you were born to do. Just you.

You can't bail a flood with a thimble, but what if you get all the world to help you?

Have patience and keep listening to your heart.

What if you bail with a billion thimbles?

Keep holding on. Stay with it.

So my response to the 100 Reasons for Peace challenge isn't going to be big grand statements about Peace. They're going to be thimblefuls - small ideas, little hopes, tiny wishes.

Keep going, keep going, keep going.

See you tomorrow! ;-)


  1. wonderful!

    to me, it's all about changing hearts and minds, one at a time. helping CREATE a vision of a different life. my hope is that by living my life w/ as much creativity and integrity as I can manage, I'll create glimmers of doubt that things HAVE to be the way they are.

    Rage is contagious. Anger is contagious. Suspicion is contagious.

    But meeting someone with a peaceful mind, spending time w/ someone who knows how to laugh, hanging out with someone who has a good life w/o following the rules - these are things that deeply undercut the current paradigm of rage, anger and suspicion.

    I believe people are deeply tired, bone weary, of living in tension 'against' things. I believe that we are all hungry to find a better way, but we lack trust that we can make it happen. I seek in my own life to come as close to experiencing peace in my own heart as I can, in the expectation that others will see and take heart, and push further than I can now dream.

  2. i thought I replied to this. :-\

    Beautifully said, Hayden. It's a peace post in itself!

  3. "'s about lots of ordinary "little people" standing up together to make a BIG difference."

    And that's why we stand together. One little blog, one little peace globe, one loud inspiration at a time.



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