Thursday, 4 August 2011

Scenic Sunday

Last Sunday hubby and I took brother-in-law for a drive. It was cloudy, but it never rained. In fact, it was surprisingly warm and a really pleasant day. :-)

I was able to take some really nice photos at all the places we stopped along the way. We started off from Inverness, heading out along the Moray Firth towards Beauly, then on around to Drumnadrochit and Loch Ness before heading back home.

This first photo was taken from a parking lay by, looking back along the Beauly River. (for a much bigger view just click on the photo.

The flowers were such a wonderful colour...

Further along stopped at the edge of a field for a picnic lunch. I saw these "dots" up against the fence and went to look at them.

They were tiny white flowers!

On the way home we stopped at a plant nursery, up on the hills near Inverness, for a cup of tea. The view was just stunning!

Although these horses looked a bit bored by it all. :-)

I took four photos (in the front parking) to create a "panorama view. You'll need to click on this to open it to full size.

The nursery had a lovely shop full of gifts and goodies. Outside the old farm steading has been turned into a plant nursery. I saw these amazing metallic flowers there. They were so pretty. No idea what they are.

We all agreed that it really was a great day out and about. :-)



  1. LOVE the pics, M! Autumn has just started setting in this week, with the temperature getting below 15'C during the day and during the night it gets colder already. You can see some leaves have changed colours he he...

  2. Lovely, Michelle, just lovely! I was as far as Inverness on my one trip to Scotland, and brought away a love for those expansive views. Reminded me iof parts of N. CA I love...

  3. Amel
    Our leaves are turning here too, but for us that is unusually early. Usually Autumn is end of September.

    You've been to Inverness? The town can be a bit drab, but the scenery makes up for it. ;-)

  4. Stunning photo's Michelle - you're very lucky to live in such a scenic area - seeing these takes me back too, to when I visited Scotland once - although a lot of it was snow-covered then. This also makes we wish for countryside living.

  5. That is an amazing view. What a blue blue blue sky. Are those flowers some sort of mini violet?

  6. Hi J~J

    It really is a stunning part of the world. :-)

    Actually they were fairly big flowers. I'd say a bit more than 1 inch across and this most amazing shiny metallic petals that I just could not catch in a photo. :-\



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