Monday, 8 August 2011

Corvid Conviviality ;-)

Last Monday was a really strange day. I had to be at the hospital early, with my mom who had to stay there all day for her operation pre-assessment. and dad had to ALSO be at the hospital in the afternoon, to be booked in for surgery the next day.

So hubby played taxi service all day, including taking dad into town in the morning, to run some errands before he went in to hospital. Hubby had just returned home from dropping us off when he heard a crow "cawing" and talking to itself... from below?

He looked down... and there at his feet was a baby crow!

It decided hubby is the new "uncle".
It flew up onto the gate and started "chatting" to him...

then flew up onto his shoulder and started nibbling his glasses!
He took these photos with his mobile phone, including this one below, of Baby sitting on his shoulder.

Dad saw it all through the window. He went out and took this photo of hubby holding Baby Crow, who had been trying to eat a rubber stopper that had fallen off our lawnmower handle.

And here he is trying to remove freckles from Hubby's arm.
This "game" didn't last too long!

'Where did my freckly arm go?'

'Oh, There you are!'

By the time I got home with mom it was gone, but the next morning it came back and "chatted" to us both through the bedroom window. It tolerates me, but Hubby is definitely its favourite human.

This morning we found it sitting on the front step investigating a parcel the postman had left for me. Cheeky blighter! ;-)


  1. Oh my WORD!!! That has to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen/heard/read about... Wooooow! I'm so jealous! Haha! =D

  2. HA! I think your hubby has made a new friend! :-)

    Great pictures!

  3. And I thought crows only nibble!!!
    Love the shots!!!

  4. How strange and how wonderful at the same time. Sometimes (like all the time) I think you have an other-worldly connection to all things unexplainable and good.

    Love it.

  5. Tat
    I'm almost jealous myself! I'm the crow enthusiast. I've been feeding them for years and Sandy gets the baby crow's love? Not fair! LOL

    Actually I think it's just so cute. ;-)

    Definitely ;-)

    Hi Princess
    Welcome to my blog. I have more photos to put up that prove crows do nibble... everything. lol

    That reply made me feel quite teary. I really do hope I am the person you imagine. It sounds just perfectly who I want to be.




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