Sunday, 14 August 2011

Boy? Girl?

Hubby's new "friend", the baby wild crow, has been back several times since she first popped into our lives on the 1st of August. I put "she", because from the first meeting hubby has been convinced 'Corry' (short nickname form of Corvid) is a girl crow.

Girl? Boy?
Was there a way to tell?
Crows really don't give their gender away in feather colours or body shapes, like some bird species do.

So the other day I took time to really watch and observe, to decide for myself.

When hubby's in the garden Corry walks with him, talking constantly...

When he turned his back and pretended to ignore the constant chatting...

Corry became annoyed and tugged at his trousers!

Which leads me to think hubby is right - Corry is a girl.
Only a girl would become annoyed when a man stops listening to her. ;-)

The final proof for me that Corry is female is her reaction to me. Corry was nervous of me at first, so hubby gave me a kiss, to prove I was a friend.

Corry looked me up and down with distinct disapproval...

...before turning her back on me and walking away.

I think I have a rival. ;-)


  1. HA HA HA HA HA...oh my goodness...I can't believe the bird gets so close to your hubby...yeah, I also think you have a rival hi hi...

    BTW, love the blog template and header...I've been meaning to change mine but been lazy ha ha...and now busy thinking and preparing for my trip to Indo in just 2 weeks. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! :-D Time flies!!! Scary!!! :-D

  2. If the crow brings sticks or grass to your husband, it is a male, proving its nest building skills.

    Have your husband offer some small, slender twigs to the crow. If it takes them, or at least examines them by putting them in its beak before dropping them, it is a female.

    Wonderful post and pictures, Michelle.

  3. Hi Amel
    I felt tired of that old backround - needed to do some decorating! ;-)

    Hope you have a great holiday.

    Hi Martha!!!
    So nice to see you here. :-)

    Hubby is watching for "twig signs" at this stage it's still such a baby that the only interests seem to be food and playing with hubby's shoes... and ears. Oh dear! LOL He's had to be firm about ears NOT being chewy toys. LOL



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