Friday, 15 July 2011

If Pigs had Wings...

...they'd live in Scotland. :-) Because all the pigs in our area get their own little metal sheds to sleep in that look exactly like tiny airplane hangars.

Ever since I first came here I've wanted to photograph a pig farm, but never managed it. Last week roadworks and delays meant I finally had a change to stop near a farm and take some photos. You can see the rows of 'hangars' going up the hill. The white things in the front are seagulls gathered around a muddy pond.

More piggies in the distance pottering about the fields.

...and a closer zoom on the pigs pottering about the sheds. on warm days they mostly lie in the sun, but when it's too hot or too cold they hide out in their hangars and the fields look empty.



  1. WOAH...lots of seagulls and piggiessss!!! :-D Looked like a very lovely, sunny day! :-D

  2. beautiful day! pig farmers use the same structures here - especially for farrowing. Neighbor down the road usually raises quite a few.

  3. Amel
    It was a nice day. :-)

    Interesting. I've never seen anything like this in Africa. Very clever design and the pigs seem very content.



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