Friday 13 January 2012

Forgotten Magic

I was talking to a friend about dictionaries this morning. I love dictionaries. :-) Probably because, as a child, my first dictionary was a magical one. It was HUGE, I could barely pick it up. Every page was crammed full of strange unknown words and it had these intricate little black and white illustrations dotted through it, like tiny surprises. Most of the words were way beyond my understanding, which made them all the more mysterious. I always expected there were words in there that could create magic... and I was right - words can create magic!

My next favourite book was a child's encyclopedia that was my dad's when he was small. It was old and worn, but still exciting. Looking back as an adult I can see that it was surprisingly objective and comprehensive for a book aimed at children. This was the book that gave me the meaning to 'Pantheist' when my religious teacher scolded me for being one. This was the book that taught me about Hitler, Herne the hunter, clothing through the ages and the difference between lizards and salamanders. The magic and power of words...

Long ago there was a time when that power of words was feared. In the Middle Ages only a very select few could read and write. As a result "grammars" (books of Latin grammar) were seen as magical and even frightening. As a result the word grammar eventually split and became distorted into a new word - grimoire - the name for a book of spells and supernatural knowledge.

The magic of knowing and being able to describe... anything! Do I believe in magic words? No, but I do know that words hold magic. Ask anyone who has ever been changed by words in a book, said a prayer, laughed at a joke, or had someone tell them they loved them. Words can be incredibly powerful when used at the right time, in the right combination.

Words and grammar are the best magic in the world. ;-)


  1. I agree - there is magic in words. I just wish I could remember the words at the times when I need them :)

  2. I LOVE reading this post (it makes me smile)...your words sure do have powerful magical powers, M. That's for sure! :-D

  3. Terry
    LOL yeah, I have that problem as well. One of the reasons I love blogging - I actually seem eloquent and able to form flowing thoughts. ;-)

    Thank you! :-D



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