Thursday, 6 September 2012

Beata Femeros Mundi - by Matthew Yrigoyen

A while back I came across a lovely poem and recently I managed to make contact with the poet, Matthew Yrigoyen, who most graciously gave me permission to post his work here on this blog.

Watching her move through these golden moments,
the stride of Athena quivering in her limbs,
the whisper of Quan Yin trailing in her song,
the amber light of Beata Beatrix illuminating the
pace of her thought and the Grace of her gesture -
Shining through it all, a Crystal Spring,
glistening under fallen sacrificial leaves,
the Celestial Virgin shimmers,
raising up her Woman's flesh,
clarifying her Galactic Sight.
The greater her surrender in Carnal Wisdom,
the Priestess penetrating the mystery of elevated passion,
the more she assumes her Woman's power;
the more iridescent the snow of her heaving slopes;
the more gleaming is the foaming wave
caressing the edge of her ever widening shore -
The more we meet the Radiance of her Soul,
as she borrows even our Breath and spins it into Light.

'beata femeros mundi'
copyright of, the author, matthew yrigoyen

I recently posted cave paintings to illustrate the similarities between ancient animals and the endangered species at the Highland Wildlife Park. I thought it was apt to keep that theme going here, by posting a carved cave goddess - an ancient Venus to remind us of how ancient man saw the beauty of woman as mother goddess.... just as Matthew sees the beauty of the goddess in the woman.  

 The Venus of Laussel

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