Saturday, 29 September 2012


I'm sorry I've been so absent. Not only has my hand surgery held me back, but my computer hasn't been working properly for most of the year. Hubby has checked everything, renewed all sorts of bits, reinstalled, deep cleaned, scanned and rebooted (should be as in booted out a window!) without finding the source of the problems. :( and this last week it went really crazy and was freezing up for about 5 minutes, then working for about a minute... freezing up again. 


My dad suggested it might be the cable connections and re-crimped all the wiring/cables. So far... it seems to be working.

Each time this has happened, each time I've "lost" a drive, I've also permanently lost things like emails, documents, photos/art I was working on. So it has been a very slow frustrating time, but hopefully I'll be back more often now. 


  1. Hi Michelle, Everytime I come onto your blog (because I get an email saying you've posted) I can't find the up to date posts. Maybe I'm just having a bad day but this is about the third time it's happened to me and I'm wondering why. The most up to date post I can see is 29 September. Am I doing something wrong? Highly likely but I would like to read your posts.

  2. Hi Cate

    That's because this is the latest post. :-\ I've been bad in writing! My computer crashed again after Sept 29 and again and... again. So now it's been stripped down, totally cleaned out and I'm busy putting everything back - thankfully my husband managed to take my hard drive, put it in his machine, and take all the info off and save it. But now I'm having to put back everything and finding some things were lost. Nothing vital, just dull plodding work. YUCK

    So I have no idea why the email update keeps telling you there's new stuff up. I have been wanting to post, but my photos (more of the wildlife park) are on the drive now still in hubby's computer and so are my word docs.

    I'm getting there and hopefully the next time you come here there will actually be a genuine new post! I can't believe it's been over two weeks since I last wrote anything. geez



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