Thursday, 3 January 2013

Foilling in Love

Tomorrow is our tenth wedding Anniversary. Hubby went and looked  up the traditional gift for 10 and it is... tin or aluminium.

 Ehhh? Seems a bit dull for the first big milestone of marriage! What kind of gift is tin or aluminium?

All I could think of was tin foil hats...

Then it struck me... What else comes wrapped in sparkly bits of tin foil?


I can see the obvious reason for a tin foil wedding anniversary now...   ;-)

it's all about foil-ling in love all over again!


  1. New Jaguars and RangeRovers are made from Aluminium

  2. Happy Anniversary, Michelle! :)

  3. Tin? I didn't even know that it was tin, but chocolate sounds GREAT!

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARYYYYYY...wishing you both many more joyful, fun, loving years to comeeeee!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!

    On our 10th, a friend gave me a tin medal for putting up with Himface for so long LOL I'd totally go for aluminium-wrapped chocolates though :)

  5. Mr Bunny-Chow

    Never thought of that! But somehow an alumniium car, even a Jag... feels like driving a roasting pan. LOL

    Hi Daisy
    Thank you. :-)

    Thank you - those are lovely wishes. My mom's book said copper, but online places said tin or aluminium. Sandy read my post... and then bought me a BIG box of chocolates! :-))

    Hi Tint
    Thanks. Chocolate ALWAYS is a winner. ;-)

  6. Clever girl! I think the hats are quite fetching!

  7. Sardines come in tins! And so romantic, they are all snuggled together. ;)

  8. Amel
    ;-)) yes

    Hi Em
    I rather liked the hats myself. I thought of making some to wear on the day, but Sandy was strangely unenthused... ;-P

    LOL We just coined a new phrase - as snug as sardines in a can. :-))



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