Thursday 24 January 2013

The Perfect Sandwich

I've been trying to think of something to blog about and not doing too good. Winter means staying indoors as much as possible. I've pottered online a lot, I've done several jigsaw puzzles and sorted out files and folders on my computer, general maintenance and "spring cleaning", and I've watched TV.

Beyond that... the only thing we all do too much of over Christmas is... eat! And this year eating was even more exciting than usual because several gifts given were food. Hubby and I gave fancy ice cream and soup to my brother-in-law, dad got spreads, crackers and chutneys and hubby got assorted cheeses. We also bought a few joint family gift food items, so everyone could enjoy.

The result was the discovery of the most awesome sandwich ever. So good family here have demanded that I write about it, so that it is passed down through history. ;-)

The sandwich owes a big debt of gratitude to to one of the places we bought Christmas food gifts from -  Rannoch Smokery.  

They are based in Perthshire, but most of their meats, venison, lamb and beef, come from our area. They have a great online shop to order from. They do post worldwide, but you need to email them for details on your specific country postage, etc. They also have a recipe section, which is where hubby and I found inspiration to create our own perfect sandwich.  I used their smoked beef with mozzarella and beetroot chutney as my inspiration...

Our version was with Rannoch's smoked venison. It was:

White bread (farmhouse style), thin sliced red onion, lettuce, smoked venison and then hubby had Rannoch's Game sauce while I had some of Rannoch's beetroot and horseradish chutney (dad's Christmas gift!).

Hubby had his with brie cheese, but dad and I preferred it without cheese. 

It was delicious; so good we had the exact same sandwiches the next day, and the day after that... until all the venison was gone. *sniffle* :( It really was the perfect sandwich.


  1. Oh la does look SO tempting!!!! :-D I'm drooling just by looking at it, even though I'm actually feeling a bit nauseous right now for some weird reason. It seems that I'm gonna have a cold or something. Ugh. Hope not!

  2. Amel

    I hope you aren't getting a cold and... when you're not feeling yucky, maybe try the sandwich with reindeer meat? With a spicy sauce and salad. :D

    Hi wild Magnolia
    It was. :-D

  3. Oh thanks a lot! It:s 12:42 A.M., I WAS going to bed, but now I'm hungry.
    I certainly does sound good !!

  4. Den

    Wth loads of salad it's probably a healthy non-fattening lunch too. ;-)



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