Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Write Stuff

I know I've been very quiet lately.It's partly because winter is a quiet time, but also partly because I am FINALLY writing that second book. The sequel to FIRST LIGHT.

I say "FINALLY" because the first four attempts were all scuttled by unexpected things - my dad went into hospital, then my mum-in-law died, then my computer went a bit crazy and lost half its brain and then I lost the use of my hands for almost a year.

I was beginning to feel a bit jinxed with that book! Then a friends said, "Maybe you can't get to write it yet because the timing is wrong." and I relaxed and stopped fretting. 

I'm happy to say that the timing seems to be right - I'm up to chapter six so far and it feels good. :)
 But it does mean that I have a new reason for missing out on writing, and reading, blogs.I'll try to rectify that, when I can, but at the moment - the book comes first!


  1. Six chapters - that's excellent! I can't wait to read your next book. May the FLOW be with you!

  2. WOOOHHHOOOOOOOOOO...here's to your second book!!!! :-D

  3. That's the Spirit !

    You go Gurl !

    : D

  4. I just peeked into the first page of your book, First Light, and no wonder you have five stars!


    I'm going to start telling people to get your book.

    I'm finally resurfacing from a lot of *stuff* that's been happening in my life.

  5. G~G! It's so nice to see you around. :)
    And praise from you, about my book, is truly awesome. :D

    Yes, please do share and tell. Self-advertising is truly a PAIN, and the hardest part of writing a book.

    Do please pop in to remind me to come read your blog. I used to read everyones' blogs daily, but lately ("lately" as in the last few years!) I'm so bad at blog reading it's pathetic.

    I hope the resurfacing word is a hint of good things, renewals, spring, hope, all the good stuff.


  6. Yes, self-advertising is a pain, but word of mouth is wonderful.

    When Paulo Coelho first published The Alchemist, he sold some in Brazil. And now look...it's all over the world. Little by little, things take off. Keep at it.

    I'm in the middle of editing 2 manuscripts. (A little confession...I don't think I'm all *that*, so thank you for your kind words).

    I understand about not being able to read blogs as much as you'd like to!

  7. I never knew that about Coelho.

    And you are that good, silly hyper-picky arty person! Your writing flows, it captivates and for ages afterwards I'm left with my brain talking in that smooth musical accent. Any writer who changes the accent in my brain deserves to be classified as THAT GOOD. :-P

    TWO manuscripts? :-) Yours or... ? My sympathies on the editing thing. I sort of love-hate it. The problem is if I'm enjoying what I'm reading, I forget that i'm supposed to be checking for typos, etc. Then I have to try to remember where my focus switched and start all over again... and again. ugh :-(



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