Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A Bird's Eye View...

Of a bird's eye!

And who exactly does this beady staring eye belong to? A very bossy and rather overly tame herring gull. We call it "Quark", because that's the noise it makes when its happy.

Here is Quark, standing looking in the kitchen window while I try to wash the dishes.

It's hard to concentrate on dish washing when someone is STARING at you like that!

Even worse when they start to impatiently tap on the window and "tut-tut" because you haven't noticed them and offered a nice snack of stale bread or left-overs.

We have not been encouraging Quark. We are not feeding him/her, but that hasn't helped much. Quark is convinced we are wonderful people ready to share our food as long as we are reminded of hungry herring gulls. At breakfast time... Quark is there, peering in the dining room windows. During the day you'll find Quark trying to act casual as he/she stands on the garden bench (better view of the kitchen) or potters about the garden.

He or she? I have no idea, but Quark is fond of gathering twigs and moss for nesting... then forgetting it in the birdbath or one of our pot plants. A she, maybe? The bossiness and constant nagging certainly feels female! Maybe we should rename her  Quarkina or Quarkette.


  1. hahaha! This post certainly had me grinning :D What a lovely friend you have there. Perhaps she is a messenger for you?

  2. That's a thought, tint! I wonder what seagulls symbolise?

    Ocean cruise would be nice! ;)



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