Monday, 12 May 2014

Photos and Fun

I found some photos I took last summer that I'd forgotten on the camera. They were taken in Nairn, by the beach. I tacked them together to make a panorama shot. :) This time I haven't put it up on my blog. It's a little on the large size, as a panorama, so I've put it up on my Flikr page, along with photos I've used as banners on this blog over the years.

You can view all of the Scottish photo album HERE

it got me thinking... this could be fun and useful. So I put all my Blogblast for Peace art into another photo album and then did the same with the pictures I've made for my books over the years.


  1. Very nice. I need to energy to update Nick's Bytes and to help Alex with his blog.

  2. Thanks Nick. I know the feeling! As you'll notice if you browse my archive, I'm writing next to nothing lately. Creativity and energy run dry.

  3. LOVELY photos, M! Can't wait to visit you somedayyyyy...but first thing first: save moneyyy!!!! He he he he he...

  4. :D Yes. You need to come visit!



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