Thursday, 4 September 2014

Blog4Peace Countdown Badges

It is two months until Blogblast for Peace (Blog4Peace) 2014. Mimi already has all the info and new badges up on her blog. As she says...

"We Blog for peace annually each November 4th and keep the peace alive on the Internet via social networking sites and many websites and blogs. Peace Bloggers can be found on six continents and in 202 countries and territories around the globe. Grab this free logo for your own sidebar or page if you'd like to join us. We're 21K strong on Facebook and growing.
Here's our Fan Page."

Please join us! Blog4Peace November 4 and everyday on our Facebook page
Our Peace Store

How To Blog4Peace
1. Make a peace globe. Choose any graphic on this page. Save. Sign. Decorate
2. Send the finished peace globe to or TAG Mimi Lenox on Facebook
3. Post it anywhere online November 4
4. Title
your post or status Dona Nobis Pace
m (Latin for Grant us Peace) hashtag #blog4peace #blogblast4peace

I've made some extra badges myself, for the event. These are free to share and use wherever you want. Just click and save. :-)


  1. Oh Michelle! You must be reading my mind. I needed someone to do this and kickstart the day for us. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! This weekend will find me hard at work on the same.
    I have the theme in my head and a new challenge. Check your inbox this weekend.
    Peace globes gotta fly......

  2. Bless you Mimi. ((hug))

    I look forward to finding out the theme this year. :-)



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