Wednesday 17 December 2014

Tree Time!

We put up our Christmas tree and decorations last week, but I haven't got around to putting up photos until today. I used clear lights and red and gold decorations.

I took some close ups of the tree decorations. I made the gingerbread men years ago (15+). They're still my favourites.

I put Santa and the reindeer down by the fireplace this year. :-)


  1. Everything looks gorgeous Michelle! All so sparkly. The ornaments are beautiful!

  2. Thanks Kim. :)

    It's not a real fire, but it does look pretty.

  3. It looks cosy! I imagine cake baking, food cooking, mmmm.

  4. Thanks G~G. :) My mom's been the one baking. I do roasts and curries and all things in a pot, but baking makes my head hurt. ;-) I'd rather just eat the results! :D



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