Saturday, 16 February 2008

Little Me and You

Prema has picked me for a tag to post photos of myself and husband as babies or young children. So introducing...

Mr Alexander Crowsfeet (on tricycle with the sun in his eyes) and...
Mrs Michelle Crowsfeet.
I tag: Amel, Mother Hen, Tint and anyone who wants to join in. If you're single, just post your own baby or childhood pic. If you have kids - post them too so we can compare if you looked like each other as babies.

Remember to return here with your link so we can all go look at the baby you and say "oooohhh CUTE!" ;-)


  1. Indeed, so cuteeee! :-)You looked so elegant even as a baby.

  2.'re definitely one of the CUTEST babies I've ever seen, M! ;-D

  3. Oh, what a Dolly you were! Just wanna pinch those cheeks! :o)

    Here's Wee Betty if you want to take a gander:

  4. You are so cute ... and the Mister seems so shy, how sweet.

  5. Hi Amias

    Actually, Mr was a little rascal. That's about the only photo his mother has of him where he isn't a blur of climbing, running, falling...

    but he was and still is sweet. :-)

  6. I did it! Finally! Ok, so I'm slow, but I get there eventually ;)

    Would you just look at those cheeks and curls, but your chin takes the cake for me. Kewt!!