Tuesday, 10 June 2008

A Day in the Park

Last Friday was my mom's birthday and we went shopping in nearby Forres. Since it was a lovely day we decided to have lunch in the beautiful park there. This chestnut tree was behind the bench we were sitting on. The photo doesn't really do it justice. To give you an idea of size a six foot person could stand under that tree and not hit their head on the branches - it is HUGE.

After we finished eating we took a walk through the park. These plant "sculptures" are still new and not fully in bloom, but I couldn't resist taking pictures. No wonder Forres has won "Britain in Bloom" awards regularly over the years!

This first one is a light green teddy bear with a dark muzzle and hat. He's carrying a dark green bag over his shoulder.

Another teddy bear, sitting with an open gift box full of pink flowers.

A very nice butterfly that will look marvelous once all the flowering plants are in full bloom.
A beaver, complete with a stack of real logs and surrounded by "ripples" of pale grey and blue-green plants.
Last year they had a giant red ladybug and every year there's a huge peacock, but they hadn't finished putting in the plants in the peacock yet. I'll have to return later in summer and take more photos so you can see how they turned out. :-)


  1. THat looks like a beautiful park. Glad you had such a nice time.

  2. Looking forward to seeing those plant sculptures in full bloom!

  3. Really nice. There is an amusement park here that has some of that, but I don't think it is quite that nice.

  4. Nice pics! The beaver at the end so speaks to my Canadian heart.

  5. It is a lovely park.

    Britain used to have beavers and Scotland is busy trying to reintroduce them. There are a few already released in two areas, I think. One lot are still in semi-captivity in a wildlife park, but I think I read that the others have literally been released into the wild. Not sure though - so don't quote me on that!

  6. I see someone is very busy and very creative in the park system there.

  7. Gorgeous park and great photos, Michelle - thank you for sight of them, and I'll look forward to in-bloom updates!

  8. WOW! Wonderful works of art! I'd love to look at them once they're in full bloom! ;-D