Thursday, 5 June 2008

A Romantic Moment

The first time I saw the original movie "The Jazz Singer" (based on Al Jolson's life story) I knew I'd listened to a perfect romantic song... linking new love with the warm and weathered love of a lifetime spent together in marriage.

"Anniversary Song"

Oh, how we danced
on the night we were wed.
We vowed our true love,
though a word wasn't said.
The world was in bloom.
there were stars in the skies,
Except for the few
that were there in your eyes.

Dear, as I held you
close in my arms,
Angels were singing
a hymn to your charms.
Two hearts gently beating,
murmuring low,
"Darling, I love you so."

The night seemed to fade
into blossoming dawn.
The sun shone anew,
but the dance lingered on.
Could we but recall
that sweet moment sublime,
We'd find that our love
is unaltered by time...

recorded by Al Jolson, 1946. In this clip Al Jolson's voice is dubbed in for the actor, Larry Parks.


Unknown said...

Ohhh! Bud will love this. He is a huge Al Jolson fan. :o)

Michelle said...

Hi Betty
Bud has good taste, but then he picked you... ;-)

Shan said...

It's, old school haha but I like romantic songs :)

He's a nice singer

Michelle said...

Hi Shan

Yeah, Good songs, and good singers, really can be immortal.

Twilight said...

I don't remeber whether I saw the original Jazz Singer movie, Michelle - I know and love that song though.

I saw the modern movie version, the one with Neil Diamond, and enjoyed it. I doubt it had much in common with the original though, but for me Neil can do no wrong.
:-)There were some good ND songs in the film.

Unknown said...

Bud says thanks for the youtube link! :o)


Michelle said...


I must admit I'm a big fan of Neil Diamond's version of the movie too. Some really great songs from that one as well!

Glad he enjoyed it. :-) I love youtube.

Amel said...

I got chills when I listened to the video clip and the lyrics...mmmmmm...