Thursday, 19 June 2008

Waiting for a Snack...

We have a pair of crows nesting in nearby trees. They started out as my "garbage disposal" unit for leftovers and stale bread, but now come every evening in the hope of a snack. I'm not sure whether this is Mr or Mrs Crow.

This is a hooded crow (the colouring looking like a grey jacket and black "hood").


The Real Mother Hen said...

Got a confession to make - I actually dislike crow :()
I don't find them cute, intelligent, instead I find them nasty.

Blur Ting said...

Oops, we visit crow's feet, the crows visit you.

Genie said...

Is he really quite large? In the photo he looks it. I like crows, and I suppose you must considering your blog name!

A friend of mine has a crow that comes 'round every year and pecks on her glass door. He just stands there and pecks pecks pecks--like he's trying to get her attention. She doesn't feed him. She calls him her boyfriend.

Michelle said...

Mother Hen
I don't suppose hens would like crows. ;-)

:-D very true. lol

I wasn't always fond of crows. In Africa the pied crows used to steal our lunches at school. They were a pest. But here in Scotland I've been able to watch them more and realised they really are smart, plus I like the way they're family/group birds. THe crows have a social order and often share food. Not like the seagulls here who constantly fight, gobble and squabble.

How big are they? Not sure. fairly big. I'm not great at judging measurements, but I'd say over a foot high.

రామ ShastriX said...

It's easy to despise crows, i think. What's a group of crows called? A murder!

But after years of feeding them, i can only say that they are very intelligent creatures that have got a bad press. As Michelle pointed out, they have a social order. When i feed them (Crow's Feed!), you can see them wait as per the pecking order.

In Hindu mythology, Lord Shani (Saturn) uses them as His vehicle.

Michelle said...

Hi Shastri

I never knew that about Lord Shani being Saturn. Very interesting!

Genie said...

They're huge!!! Wow! Ours are tiny in comparison!

Yeah, if a bird was stealing my lunch regularly, I'd not be too fond of it.

Although I love the crows, every few years we have to run them out of the yard and, smart as they are, they don't return for a few years! Once the crows move in, no other birds come around. Our crows won't tolerate other birds. Whereas the other birds are quite tolerant of each other.